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Rebecca Black Covers Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” — And It’s Good

rebecca black we can't stop

Rebecca Black isn’t the same “Friday” disaster you may remember. She’s been moving away from that and is cultivating a nice little image of a young girl who’s now trying to write and sing her own songs in a pop country style. In a bold move, she and singer/guitar player Jon D., covered Miley’s “We Can’t Stop”, a song known more for its outrageous lyrics and video. It’s not Black’s thing, basically.

And guess what? It’s a good cover. I think Rebecca Black kills it. I really do. She changed some of the lyrics to make it more “G-rated”, but hey, do what you gotta do.

Guys, considering where she came from, this is pretty good. You go, Rebecca!

Check it out.

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  • If Rebecca Black can cover it, that just shows what a simple song it is.
    Doesn’t say much for Miley’s singing skills, now does it?

  • Kinda boring….. and sounds too cleaned up by the studio. And really, if this girl is trying to make a come-back with her own songs, then why a cover? I don’t get this. lame.

  • Ya know, I feel sorry for this girl. This poor, sweet girl just wanted to sing and her crazy-ass stage mom basically ruined her and made her rise to fame take the form of instant parody.

    I think she has a great voice. It’s a great cover, and for some reason (though I don’t listen to it, nor do I know anything about her), I think she’d make a good little niche for herself in the Christian music industry. Granted, I know nothing about the genre, but they’ve manage to somehow remain a thing in society, and are certainly going to be the most welcoming of someone like her.