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Black Is Back (REDUX)

A couple days ago, I posted the audio track to Rebecca Black‘s new hit single, “Person of Interest.” Why did I do that? I ought to have figured that an official music video would be along momentarily.

And here it is now!

In this video, Rebecca meets her eponymous “person of interest” at the carnival, where they play skee-ball and drive go-karts. But by nighttime, she can’t find him. Oh, no!

There is something so namelessly blithe—so charmless!—about Miss Black’s performances that just kills me. I think it has to do with the way she chews up words and spits them out through her nose. Also, the eye contact.

Since we last discussed Rebecca Black, though, I have listened to her new song approximately 8000 times. It’s no “Friday” (can you believe it’s only been half a year since Rebecca ruined the best day of the week?), but “Person of Interest” is, uh, kind of working for me. Also, I found the mini-golf scenes sort of poignant, just because I used to go with my boyfriend to a pirate-themed 18-hole golf course back when I was like 15. Sigh.

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  • I actually watched it all. Seriously. And as I watched, thoughts swam through my mind. They were:

    That is the ugliest bear ever. I didn’t even know bears could be ugly. I love bears.
    Her “friends” have got a lot better-looking.
    She’s got a lot more comfortable in front of the camera.
    Is the boy meant to be a Justin Beiber-type?
    That song, while hideous, is better than the average Kesha (dammit, where’s a dollar sign when you need one?) song.

    That is all, I think.

  • That was like a Saved by the Bell musical breakdown, if SBTB had musical breakdowns in the middle of an episode.