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Mariah Yeater is Unfortunately a Liar

photo of mariah yeater paternity text pictures fraud pics
Ooh, the “where he at” and the “he been busy” are just killing me. Where the hell did this girl learn how to speak, her infant? Anyway, from TMZ:

Justin Bieber’s alleged baby mama sent a text Wednesday to a friend, begging him to erase an incriminating text in which her mom says someone OTHER than Justin Bieber is the baby daddy, and then promising to give him a cut of the action when she scores a payday.

So, I suppose that settles that. Mariah is a crazy, trashy ho that’s looking to cash in like any other crazy, trashy hos that have tried this trick in the past. Bieber‘s (unfortunately) in the clear, and this “Robbie” person is apparently up for a lifetime of being spoken to like “where you at” and “I been busy,” and if that’s not punishment enough, he has to share a beautiful little baby boy with someone who’s clearly on the wrong side of well-adjusted. Good luck with that, dude.

Image courtesy of TMZ

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