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Happy Saturday: Glee Does “Friday”

In an inspired combination of two of your favorite things, Glee did their very own cover of that classic Rebecca Black tune, “Friday.” I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the show (I haven’t, but I caught the first half of last week’s episode because I missed my wheelchair jailbait rapper boyfriend, Artie), but there’s some mad dramz going down.  I imagine the boys will provide some much needed comedic relief with their version of this hit song, right before Lea Michele ruins the whole show with her bitchy face and bad attitude some more.

Are you guys still watching Glee?  Does the mere mention of Rebecca Black make you want to jump off a bridge?  You guys gotta let me know these things.

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  • No, actually. It’s cheezy little song but it’s pretty infectious in a cute fifties kind of way. And it’s idiosyncratic (the quirky phrasing)… that’s way its catchy too.

    Did this young lady know what she was doing? Or was this pure fluke…

    I actually found myself humming the damn thing yesterday…

  • I love the song, it is so catchy and most definitely there is worse crap out there than “Friday”. As for Lea Michele, her character is getting on my tits. I don’t know what episode is being aired next week but here we have just had the one where they win the state sectionals or whatever and she is so stupid, pining over Finn and trying to get between him and Quinn. It’s like, go away, nobody likes you.