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Lea Michele

Lea Michele Has “Written” Another Book

lea michele

It seems like only yesterday that former Glee star Lea Michele was shilling “her” first book, Brunette Ambition. Actually, it was 2013 and the book – which was “part memoir,  part how-to and part style guide” came out and I guess did well enough to warrant a second book because here we are, awaiting the release of You First: Journal Your Way To Your Best Life. And yes, that’s a serious title. Just look – Lea announced it on Twitter and encouraged all the peons still mourning Rachel/Finn to buy it.

I mean, damn, can you usually pre-order books 6 months in advance? That seems a bit… extreme. Y’all know Lea is my arch enemy, so I cannot support this, but has anyone read her first book?

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Lea Michele gets ignored by Jessica Lange on the red carpet

lea michelle jessica lange

LOL, this is just sweet, sweet brilliance. At the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show premiere, Lea Michele was posing and cheesing like she was the star of the damn show (even though she’s not even on it). However, she got knocked down a few pegs when queen Jessica Lange walked by and completely ignored her ass when she tried to say hi.

Check it out starting at the one minute mark:

Lea is such a try-hard, and while some may say it was a bitch move on Jessica’s part, I say:

jessica lange

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H/T to ONTD, as usual, for the story and the gifs!

Lea Michele’s gigolo boyfriend is moving in

lea michele matthew paetz

What’s a former gigolo to do when his girlfriend is rockin’ that Glee money and you’re living in a shitty LA apartment? Pack your stuff and move in with her, of course! Live that Hollywood life! That’s exactly what’s happening with Lea Michele and boyfriend of just four months, Matthew Paetz, apparently.

From TMZ:

Sources close to Lea tell us … Matthew Paetz packed his stuff into a U-Haul over the weekend … moving out of his apartment, and upgrading to her $1.4 million Hollywood pad after just 4 months of dating.

We’re told Paetz already had a toothbrush and a few t-shirts at her their place … but now everything’s been moved — rugs, furniture and even his pillows.

I guess get in where you fit in? Must be cushy to hook up with a celebrity who will foot the bill for you to… do whatever the hell it is he does. Not that I care about Lea Michele in the slightest, but homegirl is getting used, I’d say.

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Lea Michele gets her ass out for Instagram

lea michele bikini

I feel like Lea Michele is one of the most exhausting humans on planet earth. She tries so, so hard in everything she does – absolutely EVERYTHING – because she wants so badly to be liked, to be admired and desired, and she has to be the best at anything she puts her hand to. She’s not, of course, because no human is, but don’t tell her that. I feel like she IS her Glee character Rachel Berry in real life.

Her latest efforts seem to be concentrated on shedding her goody two shoes image and proving to the world that she’s hip and sexy. It’s not working, of course, but don’t tell her that – she’s not going to give up trying! Ugh, please, just stop, girl.

These latest images were posted to Lea’s Instagram as she vacations in Capri. Please, Italy, you can keep her.

lea michele

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Lea Michele isn’t pregnant, just hacked

lea michele

Lea Michele made a rather interesting announcement on her Twitter page in the early hours of Saturday morning: she claimed she was pregnant with her first child, a baby boy. Yikes!

lea michele tweet

This is, uh, clearly (and thankfully!) not true, of course – she just got hacked… maybe by the same person who hacked her Glee co-star Chris Colfer‘s Twitter account the day before and posted a message saying he’d been fired from the show. More of a shocker was that the show is still going – I thought Glee was ending for good after this season?!

Lea (or someone from her team) has since deleted the tweet and set the record straight:

Thank God for small miracles, eh?

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Lea Michele steps out with her ex-gigolo boyfriend

lea michele boyfriend

Lea Michele has been dating ex-gigolo life coach Matthew Paetz for a few months now, but we’d never seen them out in public together… until now! They took a stroll in a Los Angeles park earlier this week, as you do (??) and looked pretty happy together, I guess… although this looks staged as hell.

How long do you give them? I say another 90 days max.

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Naya Rivera thinks it’s hilarious that Lea Michele’s dating a gigolo

lea michele naya rivera

You know Lea Michele and Naya Rivera are mortal enemies, right? So of course Naya is going to be loving the fact that Lea had no idea she’s currently dating a former gigolo-turned-dating coach. Of course! Even I do – who doesn’t love a good scandal?

From Radar Online:

“The feud between the two is still fresh and Naya is aware of the guy that Lea is dating – and what he has been involved in – and she thinks that its hilarious that Lea is in this situation,” a source tells the site. “It’s funny to her that Lea has a man that people usually pay for his affections, since that is exactly the kind of person who Naya thinks can handle her.”

Ladies, ladies… I don’t think anyone here is in a position to be casting stones when it comes to the choice of partners. Lest we forget the Big Sean drama. Not cute, girl.

That being said, Lea sucks and so does Naya, but Naya’s still the winner here because she’s crazy, but slightly more bearable.

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