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Lea Michele gets ignored by Jessica Lange on the red carpet

lea michelle jessica lange

LOL, this is just sweet, sweet brilliance. At the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show premiere, Lea Michele was posing and cheesing like she was the star of the damn show (even though she’s not even on it). However, she got knocked down a few pegs when queen Jessica Lange walked by and completely ignored her ass when she tried to say hi.

Check it out starting at the one minute mark:

Lea is such a try-hard, and while some may say it was a bitch move on Jessica’s part, I say:

jessica lange

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H/T to ONTD, as usual, for the story and the gifs!

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  • Does that really happen? The photographers screaming for someone to pose and how? Why was she there if she wasn’t on the show, and hogging all the attention from the actors who are on the show? Legit questions.

  • No one can throw shade like Jessica Lange…and to such a deserving little shit like Leah Michelle. I’m so sick of her clinging to the dead boyfriend and Barbara Streisand incarnation wannabe bullshit. Her transparent humble-bragging is obnoxious.


    Bitch-slapped without a glance or a word spoken. Good for JL. Why is Leah Michelle standing there posing like that when it’s not even her show? She looks like she’s auditioning for the lead in a Courtney Stodden bio-pic.