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‘7th Heaven’ dad Stephen Collins is even grosser than we thought

stephen collins

Stephen Collins was caught on tape by his estranged wife admitting to molesting underage girls and exposing himself to them on several occasions – so many, in fact, that he can’t seem to keep them all straight. Now the story gets worse – according to an email the wife, Faye Grant, sent to Collins last year – before any of this broke – he apparently had sexual fantasies about his own child.

From TMZ:

“The comment you made just before I gave birth to our daughter when you said you hoped we didn’t have a little boy, because ‘you just didn’t know if you could keep his little penis out of your mouth’ was indication enough that you were sick …”

Grant goes on to regretfully say, “I should have followed my gut then, and then again 14 years ago, and kicked your ass to the curb.”

Collins, of course, said he never got any such email and that that’s all untrue, but given what HAS been caught on tape and cannot be denied, I don’t find this hard to believe. What possible defense could he have for that? Well, his wife just wants to squeeze money out of him (also from TMZ):

Collins’ lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, tells TMZ, “Over the course of my representation of Stephen in the divorce case, Faye has repeatedly threatened to give this audiotape to the media unless Stephen agreed to pay her millions of dollars more than that to which she was legally entitled.”

Kaplan goes on, “When these demands were rebuffed, Faye attempted — without success — to peddle the tape in numerous ways to numerous different people.  It appears that she has finally found an audience for this tape — not surprisingly, on the eve of the trial in the divorce case where, again, she is seeking millions of dollars more than that to which she is legally entitled.”

Kaplan then says he’d like to address the audio confession but can’t, saying, “Though we would like to address the tape itself, the circumstances dictate that we must regrettably refrain from doing so at this time.”

LOL, even if Grant wants money out of Collins, how on earth does that absolve Collins from being a fucking pervert and criminal child molester? The reasons behind the tape being released are of little interest to me – nor are the dates these incidents happened (which he claim were 20 to 40 years ago, but sorry, you don’t just get bored and stop molesting children one day). The fact is, he’s guilty and he needs to be punished for being a disgusting waste of space.

Just FYI, there was a false report that he’d shot himself yesterday, but he’s apparently okay and it was all a false alarm.