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Let Sarah Palin Teach You About History

Say what you will about Sarah Palin, but she sure knows her country’s history. Wait, what? She’s just talking more nonsense and I’ve been duped again?  Well, you know what they say, fool me once

But really, Sarah Palin is almost to that sad place where it used to be funny until it just got way pathetic.  It’s the same thing that happened with Charlie Sheen – everyone was having a ball before we all remembered that he’s a real person.  In a few weeks or months or so, we’re going to have to start being like “hey, that’s enough making fun of Sarah.  She has a problem and it’s not funny.”

It’s a good thing we’re not there yet though, because man, does this video make me laugh.  Paul Revere, honestly.  Oh, Sarah, you just slay me!

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  • This is getting too easy. The total lack of self-awareness of her never-ending idiocy is the best comedy road show going this summer. If only we still made dumbasses wear dunce caps and stand in the corner…

  • sometimes i wonder if she plays dumb like this because she knows it’ll keep her in the headlines — or she could just be this INCREDIBLY dumb.

  • I think what bothers me most is her intonation. I think if she got it wrong but didn’t have the weird way of speaking I could deal with it. But, I have to say that even as dumb as she sounds in this clip, I’d still like to see her sans clothes. Her hotness does make up for some of her dumbness.

    • I second this comment. She’s dumb as a bunch of rocks, but I’d like to see her naked.

  • It’s kind of funny because it actually looks like she realizes as soon as she starts speaking that she doesn’t actually know what she’s talking about, so then she just starts throwing in patriotic sh*t and pulls “bells” out of her ass. It’s hilarious. That woman’s got a serious case of verbal diarrhea.

  • Good God, I truly have trouble believing this broad is for real. Let’s hope she doesn’t attempt to describe the events concerning Sybil Ludington. I’m sure in Sarah’s version Sybil would be Pauls washwoman or something along those lines.

  • Sara Palin was correct in stating Revere warned the British that armed Americans were awaiting them.All those that laughed at her do need a history lesson.