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So You Guys Really Love Sarah Palin, Huh?

Thank God that not everyone who owns a television votes, am I right?!!?

Sarah Palin’s Alaska premiered last night and the show set record ratings for TLC.

From DeadlineHollywoodDaily:

The premiere of TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska last night drew 5 million viewers to become the most watched series premiere ever on the cable network. The documentary series starring the former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate and executive produced by Mark Burnett also set a record for a TLC series debut in households with a 3.5 rating. Its 18-49 delivery was 1.6 million. Sarah Palin’s Alaska posted triple-digit rating gains vs. the network’s primetime average in the 9 PM slot, where it faced NBC’s Sunday Night Football, ABC’s Desperate Housewives and CBS’ Undercover Boss.

Are people just tuning in for the freak show, or does anyone actually give a shit about what Sarah Palin has to say about the great state of Alaska? How many people live in Alaska, BTW? Anywhere near 5 million? No, just about 700,000. So we can’t blame them. Shit.

Who watched this last night? SHOW YOUR FACE, PALIN SUPPORTERS.

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  • I like Sarah Palin. I forgot liberal women are an inspiration and to be respected. Conservative women are stupid and crazy.

  • She is an American woman, and mothers everywhere can relate do her. Being a hater is not an attractive look.

  • I can’t stand her. I think she’s ignorant, dangerous, and doesn’t have much to say on anything except for an occassional catch phrase or quip.

    Despite my loathing, I would watch this show. I’d watch it for the same reason people watch Jersey Shore – everyone likes to laugh at the idiot.

  • She walked out on her duty as Alaska’s governor…no, I don’t buy her lame excuse for doing so. I read she’s made about 12 million since re-joining the private sector. Not bad. Cash in while you can. Thanks, John McCain, for leaving this flaming turd on our doorstep.

  • Unfortunately with the two retards who commented before, they can not come up with material solutions to our nation’s deep problems – they being two of them – however both Sarah Palin, and for that matter, I, can.

    It involves a water wheel, and some libtards and non-contributors to our nation’s manufacturing output. And me.
    It’s not pretty.

    Anyhow, back to Sarah. She puts it out there, she takes the ridicule by … um… well… winky-dinks, and that’s better than sittin’ on her ass, or , god help us all, being a Nancy Pelosi or a Shrillary Clinton (tho I like her a damnsight more than Pelosi).

    • I think the whole situation is hilarious. The more that liberals have come to hate her, the more famous and wealthy she has become. They just can’t deal with the fact that someone they took such great pleasure in trashing during the ’08 election has made a such whirlwind comeback. Frankly, l’m not a big fan — I think she’s an opportunist who let down her constituents by not serving her full term as governor in order to seek fame and fortune, and who gives her kids odd names; but Jesus, you got t’ hand it to her — she’s must definitely has some brass ones to take the lashing that she has and not back down. Whether all the knucklehead lefties who foam at the mouth every time he name is mentioned want to admit to it or not, that she has such sizable cajones is why she is still in the news and admired by so many people.

      • Admired? are you kidding, people just love to laugh and ridicule her, thats why every reality show is popular. You think 3 million people admire the idiots on the jersey shore? hell no, we laugh our heads off. The idiots are entertaining, and Sarah is the biggest one of them all.

      • Well, Kylie, while there’s no doubt part of the show’s audience is made up of those who enjoy goofing on her and think that she and her family are one big train wreck, I think you don’t know much about middle America and the following that this woman has. If she didn’t have a large segment of admirers, she wouldn’t have obtained such a large contract with Fox New or be paid as much as she is for speaking engagements. Regardless of how much the show’s audience may be laughing at her, you can be assured that no one’s laughing harder than her while she’s on her way to the bank everyday.

  • I voted for Palin in the Alaska gubernatorial election and she made a good governor…the best since Hammond! Get of her back, for heaven’s sake! She’s got more guts and honor than any of those liberageeks in Washington will ever have. Face it…you don’t have a legitimate reason for hating her. She’s real and that threatens your plastic little world and that is all there is to it. Unlike so many of these politicians who spout nothing but political rhetoric, she lays it on the line. So back off!

  • I watched them shits and it was good. Can’t wait to see her with a gun next week. Run for the hills, you pussies. She’s gonna make you keep your whorin’ around babies. Now that’s gold.

    Molls, seek cancer treatments.

  • I watched, and it isn’t a bad show. I may not agree with her politics, but I hold only the resignation against her. She could have done the responsible thing and finished the term.

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  • Yes, I have listened to her speak several times. I like the way she presents herself and the message she delivers. She is not the air head you would like people to believe but a very astute woman who is selling herself to the public. I will definitely vote for her if she runs for president in 2012.

  • I like the way she speaks her mind. She doesnt worry about what the media thinks. Everything she does seems to have a hidden agenda like her tv show. If you listen she makes little political jabs. I think she will run for President or vice president in 2012.
    I think I would probably vote for her also. The republican party doesn’t have any real candidates so far. I will vote for anyone that can beat Obama. Brobama has proven to be the worst President in our history and has to go. I am glad Tenn went Republican in the Nov. election.

  • I loved the show. It showed what a great person Sarah Palin is! She would be a breath of fresh air in our government. I hope that she does run for President in 2012! She has my vote and my husbands. (He voted for Obama, but now wishes he would have voted a different way).

    • sarah palin is amazing. any woman commenting on this hating on sarah is jealous of her. all the media does is hate on her appearance, her clothes, and where she comes from. they always ridicule her for what she wears. this is what our country is becoming. a bunch of self centered jealous bastards who aren’t actually paying attention to what somebody has to say but paying attention what they look like. Everybody knows Obama is not being elected again. There is no chance. He is going to put this country in debt.