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It Appears That Joe Francis May Not Be The Good Guy We Thought He Was

Joe Francis Accused of Beating Female Employees

Joe Francis was accused of beating on Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole at an LA nightclub last year and now he’s facing similar accusations, except this time it’s from his employees. Two female employees of Joe’s production company Mantra Films have filed reports saying that their boss manhandled them on two separate occasions. Things got really bad one day over at Mantra offices when Joe discovered that one employee had alerted the media to Joe’s violent behavior.

From a source who spoke to RadarOnline:

“Joe came back and physically attacked that female employee and another employee in the accounting department who was visibly pregnant. Other employees came to their aid, including a top company official. Joe then fired all involved employees even if they only viewed the attack. The Santa Monica police were called and took statements.”

Beating down on a pregnant woman? This guy must be out of his mind. It’s not as if he doesn’t know what jail’s like, and that’s most certainly where he’ll be heading if found guilty of these crimes. Is this his passive aggressive way of trying to reunite with his prison boyfriend or something?

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  • Whomever worked for him in his filthy, gutter-slut business didn’t have the slightest regard for their safety or soul.

  • When writing about trash like Joe Francis, it helps your case if you stay classy. There was no need to end this post with a joke about prison rape.

  • so a person who works for him, gets paid by him and overall should be loyal goes out of her way to call a gossip site an rat on him-after he gave her a job! wonder why he’s so mad, i would be pissed off as well. he should have just fired her or sued her (if she made the allegations up) instead of pushing her around.
    and the whole jayde nicole incident there is video proof that joe did nothing and it was all nicole’s crazy ass – so don’t try to make this story bigger than it is by linking it to things that never happened.

  • I mean, sure, he shouldn’t have put his hands on them. That being said, who wouldn’t be pissed these chicks are living off of him and then talking ish about him at the same time. Where did they think they were applying to work, PBS?

  • Wasn’t there a reporter for an LA publication who did an article on him in which she claimed that he manhandled her as well? And that he called after the article a published to threaten her. This guy is nothing but a bottom feeder and he needs to get what he deserves.

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