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Joe Francis

Joe Francis Got Arrested Again

joe francis in beverly hills

Joe Francis‘s hard times are continuing. He had to file for bankruptcy and lost his mansion. Now, he got arrested for getting into a fight. Smart move. From The Daily News:

LOS ANGELES — “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis has been arrested on suspicion of assault after getting into a scuffle, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Los Angeles police Sgt. John Juarez told the Times that the 41-year-old was arrested Friday evening at an office building on Wilshire Boulevard after some “pushing and shoving.”

Francis filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year after years of legal troubles and was issued a “stay away” order by a bankruptcy judge.

Juarez told the newspaper police were investigating whether Francis’ presence at the building violated the restraining order.

What is up with this guy? He must love jail. Please forgive me if I cry zero tears over this dude and his idiotic decisions.

Anyway, there’s your Joe Francis update. Where are all of his celebrity friends now? Weird!

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Joe Francis Got His Mansion Taken Away From Him

joe francis beverly hills

Joe Francis got the justice smackdown he so richly deserved, and it keeps on rolling. The bank just took his $11.4 million mansion, according to TMZ. They’ve got more details, as they always do when it comes to Joe Francis, who probably has them saved on his phone under “favorites.”

According to JPMorgan Chase Bank … Joe has slacked off on mortgage payments to the tune of $127,686.91.

In addition to “Girls Gone Wild” filing for bankruptcy … Joe’s also been ordered to personally pay $19 million to Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn. And we’re not even gonna mention the jail sentence hanging over his head.

About 2 hours later, Francis called TMZ saying that his accountant is, “going to take care of the problem.”

Maybe ask your BFFs and Forbes #5 highest-earning celebrity couple, Kim & Kanye, to help you out. I don’t think your accountant is going to be enough.

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HAHAHA! Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis Is Going To Jail

joe francis in beverly hills

Sweet karma. Joe Francis, who is totally gross and built his empire on drunk girls showing their boobs, is going to jail. Dude was sentenced to at least 270 days. And there’s even more punishment in store for Mr. Francis! From TMZ:

He’s also been sentenced to 36 months probation and has been ordered to complete a Level 3 Anger Management course.

He’s also been ordered to complete 1 year of psychological counseling at a rate of 1 session per week.

During the sentencing, the judge expressed serious concerns with Joe’s explosive temper — and warned that it could get him in trouble in the future unless he learns how to keep his cool.

Bond will be set at $250k.

Then he got escorted out of court in handcuffs. Rad.