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Joe Francis Got His Mansion Taken Away From Him

joe francis beverly hills

Joe Francis got the justice smackdown he so richly deserved, and it keeps on rolling. The bank just took his $11.4 million mansion, according to TMZ. They’ve got more details, as they always do when it comes to Joe Francis, who probably has them saved on his phone under “favorites.”

According to JPMorgan Chase Bank … Joe has slacked off on mortgage payments to the tune of $127,686.91.

In addition to “Girls Gone Wild” filing for bankruptcy … Joe’s also been ordered to personally pay $19 million to Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn. And we’re not even gonna mention the jail sentence hanging over his head.

About 2 hours later, Francis called TMZ saying that his accountant is, “going to take care of the problem.”

Maybe ask your BFFs and Forbes #5 highest-earning celebrity couple, Kim & Kanye, to help you out. I don’t think your accountant is going to be enough.

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