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Yes, Bruce Jenner Has Skin Cancer

Lots of rumours have been swirling around about the possibility of Bruce Jenner having skin cancer. Well, he does – he confirmed it himself, adding that he recently had 30 stitches after cancerous tissue was removed from his nose. Damn, that’s pretty intense surgery.

Here’s what he told E! Online:

“I was diagnosed with…Basal cell carcinoma and have undergone Mohs surgery to remove it,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians patriarch exclusively tells E! News. “I have been struggling with this for several years and appreciate all of the support and prayers while I continue to fight the battle against skin cancer.”

E! News learned that Jenner had surgery last week to remove skin cancer from his nose. The 63-year-old Olympian had caused some concern when he stepped out in Calabasas, Calif, on Tuesday, Sept. 17, with a heavily bandaged nose.

The surgery, part of an ongoing treatment, is said to have went well and it is actually the second procedure Jenner has undergone this year, the previous one being on his cheek to remove a cancerous lesion.

Jenner, who loves the outdoors, himself added, “This has taught me to be extra vigilant when out in the sun and I encourage others to get regular checkups and always wear sunscreen.”

Yeah, the sun is no joke, people (someone clue in Gwyneth Paltrow) – it’s important to wear sunscreen, even if it seems like it’s not all that sunny outside. Apparently Bruce’s prognosis is pretty good and he’s recovering well. Thankfully, skin cancer is one of those things that can be treated, but it doesn’t make it any less scary or potentially dangerous.

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