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James Franco Posts His Own Incriminating Paparazzi Photos

james franco fake paparazzi photo

James Franco is going through one of his “silly” artsy phases again. He’s been staging his own paparazzi photos, writing over them Perez style, and uploading them to instagram. They’re admittedly pretty funny, like his latest (above) that suggests he’s seeing a dude. The caption with it is,

#jamesfrancotv #page6 #newyorkpost #newyorkobserver #hungergames #liamhelmsworth #justjared #pereshilton #mileycyrus #newyorktimes IS THAT JAMES AND LIAM!!!!!!!!???????

So yeah, this is basically what James Franco has been up to. Some Warholian project that comes a lot closer than Gaga‘s Warholian exploration of fame that she’s been trying to do with Artpop. And it’s funnier than the jokes he made at his Roast!

What do you think? Funny or obnoxious?

Rest of the pics are below.

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