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Ariana Grande To Sue Everyone’s Most Hated Blogger?


Ariana Grande may sue blogger and ex Lady Gaga BFFPerez Hilton. We all hate Perez Hilton, right? I mean from what I gather, he has no fans, and yet how the hell is he so damn popular? Any theories?

Perez has been tweeting that Ms. Grande may be dabbling in cocaine. She’s none too pleased. From Latin Post:

According to reports, Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande is sick of tabloid blogger Perez Hilton talking about her and is getting lawyers involved.

Earlier this week, Hilton made an already sour relationship with the 20-year-old actress even bitterer when he said he heard she was doing cocaine.

“@ArianaGrande Are you Okay? I heard someone saw you doing cocaine at a party this weekend. Stay away from drugs, Ariana!!!” Hilton said Monday via tweets that have since been deleted. “@ArianaGrande I’m praying for you! You can overcome this! #JustSayNoToDrugs.”

The 35-year-old even tweeted those close to Grande, asking them to help the allegedly troubled “The Way” singer.

“@NickelodeonTV If it’s true that @ArianaGrande has a drug problem, hopefully you guys can help her before it’s too severe!” he said. “@FrankieJGrande Please make sure @ArianaGrande stays away cocaine. I’m hearing awful things about what she’s been doing!”

What a f-cking loser. Jesus, way to try hard for attention. He so doesn’t give a flying f-ck if she’s on drugs or not. What is she to him? She’s just another celeb. He’s acting like they’re related or something.

I can’t stand him, I really can’t. I would never tweet something like that at a celeb. I wouldn’t even tweet it to a friend — I’d talk to them, privately, in person.

Team Ariana, even if she claims to have been visited by demons.

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Perez Hilton’s Doing a Gay Dads Reality Show

perez hilton

Perez Hilton is THE WORST. Everyone knows it, and yet someone at The Real World’s production company, Bunim-Murray, decided it would be a great idea to give him a reality show called Gay Dads of New York. WHYYYYYYY? The show will follow his life and other single/married gay dads in the city as they live their lives. Yes, absolutely fascinating. Keep in mind that no network has bought this piece of shit yet, but Perez thinks it’ll be all about “love, humour and drama”. Fuck off.

Here’s his statement:

“What will it not be? Trashy or boring. Up until now people know me more for my opinions than who I am. This show will give viewers the opportunity to get to know the ‘real’ Perez Hilton and my family, as well as some other really dynamic gay dads, and the women that make up their support system.

“I am a recent transplant to New York City, looking for friends and open to – hopefully – love. To new beginnings and this exciting new venture!”

They’re casting for the show now. Please let someone stomp this out before it ever truly sees the light of day.

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