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Amanda Bynes Is About To Get Litigious On Dat Ass

Amanda Bynes is having a full-on meltdown and lucky for us, she’s doing it in public forums like Twitter. There’s nothing like the warm, cosy feeling you get by snuggling up to her selfies and wise words on love:



Well, Amanda’s got her share of detractors both personally and in the media, and she’s had enough. Apparently US Weekly and Perez Hilton have been giving her a hard time and she’s had enough. Taking to Twitter (of course) again on Thursday, Amanda announced plans to sue both sites for taking her to task for walking while tweeting or some nonsense.



Uh, okay. I fully support suing Perez Hilton because I think he’s an asshole, but good luck on either of these lawsuits taking off – or of having enough memory and motor function to get the paperwork together in the first place, girl.

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  • @AmandaBinesMind …aaand theres already a twitter account making fun of this girl. her family needs to help her, its getting to be too much