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Shitty Ways To Spend $23k: Adele Really Likes Classic Video Games, I Guess


Adele is a millionaire and all, so she can spend her money on whatever she wants, by all means. Still, I’m a cheapskate at heart – I cringe at shelling out more than $15 for a shirt, for example – so it makes me feel somewhat faint to read that Adele apparently spent $23,000 on classic video game machines for her house.

From The Sun:

The ‘Skyfall’ singer, 24, has bought Eighties’ favourites Pac-Man and Space Invaders as well as two pinball machines and a “shoot ’em up” with two guns.

She is preparing for life back on the Sussex coast with son Angelo and partner Simon Konecki after her stint in the US.

A source revealed: “She is kitting out her place with the latest mod cons. But she’s still finding room for quirky gizmos such as the arcade machines.

“They’ll have pride of place in her new games room.”

She bought the £2million mansion last year and has spent months doing it up

I can’t even fathom this. Imagine how many $15 shirts I could buy with $23k! In all seriousness, I guess that’s cool and all. Pac-Man is fun, “quirky gizmos” are fun, so I don’t see a problem. I’m more of a pinball fan, myself, so I’d probably get one of those machines and an original NES with Mario 1, 2 and 3 and this weird casino game I used to play as a kid called Vegas Dreams. Then I’d be set.

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  • Rooms like that are so stupid. Who is ever going to spend time playing those silly things anyway? That kind of thing is only cool for a minute, which is why they’re better left in nasty arcades.

  • As long as you have the money, I think it’s really cool, much more so than buying ten cars. It’s just another thing that makes her seem relatable and interesting.

  • i fully support this frivolous purchase if one is rich as fuck! sounds like a kickass party room. sign me up.

    • Me too…. On a side note, my brother dated Elvira. Her parents owned a costume shop in Co Spgs, I grew up there

  • p.s. adele, get a kiss and/or elvira pinball machine next & invite me over, girl.