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Jayde, Brody and Joe Won’t Be in Court Any Time Soon


The D.A. assigned to the cases of Joe Francis, Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole surrounding a fight at a Los Angeles night club is saying that he won’t file charges against any of them. Gee, you mean you think they might have been fabricating the severity of the crimes committed the entire time? Why would anyone draw unneeded attention to themselves? Surely there’s no publicity on the line.

The tape from the Guys and Dolls security camera that caught the whole “incident” shows that Jayde “appears to have acted without immediate provocation”, as in “bitch went crazy and threw a drink. It’s not as big of a deal as she’s making it out to be.” The DA found the cases to be such a non-issue that they stated “the interests of justice do not support the filing of criminal charges against any of the three suspects.” To translate once again, that means “we’re not going to waste time by fueling the self-serving interests of three famewhores who want to make a big deal about a spilled vodka soda in court.”

I caught a lot of flack in the comments when this story first broke for saying that I was pretty sure Jayde made the whole thing up and that the bruises she suffered as a result of her “attack” were more likely caused by her own crazy behavior than the foot of Joe Francis, who not too long ago served a decently-sized prison sentence. I’m pretty sure that that bonehead has no desire to go back to jail and wouldn’t be seen kicking a Playmate over the uncomfortable feeling of wearing some wet pants. However, I’m feeling pretty vindicated knowing that not even the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office will see these fools in court because the entire incident is so obviously overblown and a desperate attempt to stay relevant. Bless these people, seriously. They need it.

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  • Or………… could watch the video which is available all over the internet and watch Francis grab her by the hair and throw her down instead of blaming the victim.

    • i know, right? she did start it, with the drink, but he like dragged her shit by the hair

      does molls read gossip usually?

  • Agreed. The video clearly shows Francis pull her to the floor by her hair… looks pretty brutal to me.

  • seriously?!?!?!

    You feel vindicated? Did you actually write that?

    I could give a fuck about any if these people, but he not only pulled her hair, he dragged her a few feet. Honestly I usualy don’t pay attention to who write these, but every lame post there is seems to be penned, err typed, by molls.