Image removed upon request

Just when you guys thought this whole thing couldn’t get any better – it did. Blake Lively‘s hacker, apparently pissed that her rep was squawking so loudly that the photos were not her, released even MORE naked photos of girlfriend, these MUCH MUCH raunchier than the initial few that leaked a few days ago.

Starlets of Hollywood who are considering a nude photo scandal to fire up their career? Take some pointers from Blake Lively – this bitch totally knows what she’s doing.

God bless Blake Lively, and God bless Leonardo DiCaprio even harder.

Check out ALL of the naked Blakes after the jump, if you dare.

Images removed upon request.


  1. Tini says:

    does she still deny is her after THESE?!

  2. Alli says:

    I would claim them even if it weren’t me. Can you be better looking?

  3. anon says:

    can anyone have more perfect boobs?

  4. Abigail says:

    K how are these proven that they’re of her if there’s a couple of her dressed and then the rest are faceless? Like maybe it’s not even her dumb fucks.

    And if it is her I say go girl! I take pics like that all te time lol! Who doesn’t nowadays? Even little teenagers are taking naked pics of themselves and sending it to ppl. No, it may not be right for them but for an adult who the fuck cares.

  5. kiki says:

    I think this is false… because Blake has a mole under her right eye and in this picture above, its under her left eye… even photoshop could not have changed the position of a mole… also there are celebrity lookalikes all over, the remaining pics could have been for any other person. Because a picture of blake was the head start doesn’t mean she’s d owner of the rest. To be honest I think people should consider this and other reasonable reasons before judging!!!.

    • MS Paint says:

      Are you shitting me?
      #1) She took the face shot in a mirror. Get it? A MIRROR. Take a picture of yourself in a mirror and look where your moles end up. Neat trick, huh? Do you think she brought another camera in the bathroom with her to do some endorsement work for Apple? Yeah, that’s probably it. Good thinking.
      #2) “Photoshop couldn’t change the position of a mole”? You’re definitely 100% right there. Boy oh boy, I wonder if maybe in 20 or 30 years, someone will finally invent some photo editing software that can accomplish the monumental task of changing the position of a spot on someone’s face. What’s next, flying cars? Wow!!

      • kiki says:

        yh i know the picture was taken through a mirror… but if u look at the picture closely and see where the mole is and think of her in your position you would see the change in position of mole. If u face a mirror and touch the part of the face that corresponds to the mole in the picture… without dropping the finger look for another picture of her and touch the site of her mole in that picture you would understand what i mean.

    • Ava says:

      Wow. I mean…wow. Words escape me. Kiki, Honey, go find someone with an actual functioning brain and have them explain it to you. Good luck – to the person trying to explain it.

  6. Maddox says:

    Such a dumbass

  7. roy says:

    she is simply superb and so sexy actually i so many times assumes her sex body to sex with me and she sucks my cock i feel really enjoy when i fucked her

  8. roy says:

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  9. anon says:

    holy crap
    she is hawt

  10. amy says:

    the second photo of the one with nipples is a different set of nipples from the first :p
    i think all the photos except for that one are real

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is so so fake. She only has half a thumb!!!