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This is What Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Did on Memorial Day

[Image removed by request]

Here we have the mom-daughter duo with the most shiny brunette hair who were photographed hitting the beach yesterday to celebrate Memorial Day.

Katie Holmes is looking seriously the best she has in years, and Suri is getting so big and so adorable. What I want to know, though, is where is Tom Cruise in all of this? He’s arguably got one of the most naturally beautiful women in Hollywood as his wife, and one of the cutest kids going. How is this man so busy all of the time? What the hell could he possibly be doing? Mission Impossible is over, did he not get the memo? Oh. Wait. … Nope, no, apparently it’s not. He’s got another one in production, and two other unrelated films in filming and development.

So alright. I guess I see why he’s so busy. But still. These are the times, my man. Don’t let them pass you by, right? Your daughter’s only going to be making those rubbery faces for so long, and your wife’s probably going to be as young and flawless as you like her for just another few years, you know?