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Suri Cruise Might Cringe at These Photos Someday, But Probably Not Because She Kicks Ass

photo of tom cruise katie holmes and suri cruise out in new york city celebrity sightings photos pictures

So the Cruise family was doing their whole late-night New York City binge eating thing like they do best, and Suri was photographed being the paparazzi ham that she is. No other celebrity kid tackles that camera head-on and gives them the faces that they want, and frankly? I like that about her. I mean, even aside from the fact that she’s just freaking adorable, she’s got moxie and gut, and maybe if we’re lucky, she’ll put Big Man Tom in his place one day. I mean, SOME woman’s gotta, and it’s apparent that Katie‘s not up to the task, you know?

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  • Yeah, okay, Suri’s a cute kid and all, but for fuck’s sake, are those alien parents of hers ever gonna let the kid walk?