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Christina Aguilera Was Pleasant, Lucid on ‘Regis & Kelly”

Christina Aguilera has always had a leg up on Britney in the sense that she’s genuinely talented (that voice!) and has a real sense of her own style, but did you guys know that she’s less crazy than the tabloids make her out to be and she’s somewhat intelligent sounding in interviews, too?

We’ve been so fixated on what a hot mess Britney has been lately that we haven’t taken a moment to point out that, while X-Tina has had one hell of a year in terms of drama, she’s actually still pretty chill. And you know what? She has a pretty good sense of humor about that whole “Gay Walk of Fame” business I was ragging on her for a little while back.

Sit back and enjoy this interview with her if you have a moment. The only parts I didn’t like was her misplacement of the word “circa” and that she hinted that her son might be a good actor some day. I feel like celeb moms need to at least pretend they don’t have showbiz aspirations for their little ones.

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  • Christina has a beautiful voice, an amazing personality to go along with her awesome body and everything else. My, the things I would do to this woman.

  • I really enjoyed this interview. I think that anytime Christina does
    the pinup girl look, she reminds me of the Hollywood siren Marilyn Monroe. She seems like such a sweet person who isn’t afraid to admit her faults, and she has a great spirit, a great sense of humor to laugh at the silly things she does. By the way, happy 85th belated birthday Marilyn!!! :) I’m a fan!