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Christina Hendricks Still Has The Best Bod in The Game

Photos Christina Hendricks' Huge Boobs on Full Display

On the off chance your Joan Boners needed feeding, I thought I’d put these new photos of Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks here and just slowly walk away.

I gotta say, normally I’d be like, “Hey! So what if she has big boobs and a totally perfect body with the best ass out there (sorry, Nicki)!?!? That doesn’t make her any better than me!”

But part of me knows that it could not have been easy for Little Chrissy Hendricks to grow up a redhead with huge boobs. She just looks like she has one of those success stories where everyone made fun of her until she got to Hollywood where she’s clearly a commodity (and talented to boot!)

All I have to say when I see her is, “You GO, girl!”

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    • Yeah, but SOME women can actually handle it. It depends on body types and how wide the shoulders and the broadness of the chest. My Aunt, who is 65 is a double E and she hasn’t had back problems yet. She’s of course wide in the chest area and has broad shoulders and wider hips. She’s proportionate I guess you can say.

  • What a great contrast to the anorexic Audrina Partridge (is that who has the ‘bikini’ bod?) One is a beautiful woman (Christina) and one a too-skinny girl.

  • The boobs aren’t real either. Saw a picture of her from a few years back, and while she was big back then, sue is much bigger now.

    • She also looks a lot thinner in general in that picture. Is it possible that her weight gain led to the bigger boobies?

  • Yeah, getting sick of people applauding this woman’s “natural” curves when she’s obviously had implants. Those Playboy pics don’t lie!

  • Let her say they are real… KIM K still says that her ass is real when it went from hardly there to needing its own zip code. Yeah, nobody who is anybody is real, let’s face it and stop fawning over their made over, fixed up, faces and bodies. Let us give kudos to the natural beauties who have never had work done!!!!

  • Personally, I think the women on Mad Men are overrated when it comes to their acting. Looks go a long way with that cast.