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Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is a blonde now – “Hell yes!” or “God, no!”?

christina hendricks blonde

Christina Hendricks has been a ginger bombshell for as long as… well, for as long as we’ve given a shit about her, frankly. She made her name as Joan Holloway, the busty redhead with a major ‘tude on Mad Men, and that’s just how we’re used to her. So what do we think now that she’s a blonde?

We should note, this isn’t really a major change for Christina herself, since she grew up blonde and only dyed her hair red after becoming obsessed with Anne of Green Gables:

“Growing up, I was light blonde, but my mother used Clairol to make me a redhead when I was 10 because I was dying to be Anne of Green Gables,” the star, married to Geoffrey Arend since 2009, told Marie Claire. “When she finished, I felt this burst of energy, like, ‘Ah! I’m finally me!’ — which is a pretty funny sentiment for a 10-year-old.”

Now that Christina’s a Clairol spokeswoman, she’s returning to her roots, so to speak, with the blonde dye. I feel like this won’t last long, but here we are for now.

What do you think of the new ‘do?

christina hendricks blonde

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Celebrities really looked their best at Cannes

rosario dawson

Well, the Cannes Film Festival is over for another year, but still it lives on… particularly in the form of portraits taken by The Hollywood Reporter. Some of the biggest and best actors including Salma Hayek, Jane Fonda, Mark Ruffalo and more posed for the publication, and now you can see their shots, some of which are better than others.

Side note: when did Rosario Dawson do the half-head shave thing? I think I like it!

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Christina Hendricks says “No, thanks!” to kids

christina hendricks

Christina Hendricks has been married to husband Geoffrey Arend since 2009, so everyone wants to know something very important: WHEN ARE THEY HAVING BABIES?! Well, turns out, the answer to that is… never! Turns out, not everyone in possession of ovaries is desperate to procreate.

Preach it, Christina:

“We got a puppy, and that’s my idea of starting a family. People say, ‘Oh, that’s practice for parenting,’ but if it’s practice for anything it’s to be a mom to another puppy,” Hendricks, 38, tells Health in their May issue, on stands April 18.

“We’ve decided that we are not really interested in having children.”

She continues: “It’s just very normal for people to say, ‘Well, when you guys have kids …’ And then when I say, ‘Actually, I don’t think we’re going to do that,’ people will say, ‘Oh, you say that now …’ It doesn’t bother me, though. And, you know, there’s a small chance I could change my mind.”

Good for her! I like dogs more than babies, too (though babies ARE really cute and squishy… as long as I can give them back). If you think I’m making a big deal out of the fact that a woman has come out and said outright that she doesn’t want kids, then think of this: the fact that this is even a topic for discussion, that people are asking it and reporting on it, speaks for itself.

Plus, she was probably scarred by Joan’s experience on Mad Men.

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Mad Men Fashion Post!

The cast of Mad Men got together at the Paley Center for Media’s PaleyFest 2014 honoring the show, but what’s really important is what they wore. Let’s take a look!

Sadly, my favorite January Jones wasn’t there. Not sure why. Maybe she’s shooting something. Like BIRDS IN HER BACKYARD, AM I RIGHT? (Mad Men joke, okay, moving on.)

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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace: it's like a "before and after" shot.

Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace: it’s like a “before and after” shot.

WELCOME BACK TO Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week!! What a week for fashion! Check out our Oscars fashion post and last week’s best and worst celeb looks. Now let’s take a look at what celebs wore at Oscar parties, LAX, film premieres, and other outings, and judge them accordingly: pick 3 celebs for BEST, WORST, and WTF look of the week. As always, mine are at the bottom.

Have fun!

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Mini Mad Men Reunion for L’Wren Scott Banana Republic Launch Party


Mad Men fans will take anything they can get, with the show still being on hiatus. So when Christina Hendricks (Joan Holloway/Harris) and Jessica Paré (Megan Draper) meet up for a Banana Republic L’Wren Scott Collection Launch Party, I’m calling that a mini reunion.

Mick Jagger, L’Wren’s main man was also there. Katy Perry was not. Yet, Ms. Paré suddenly has a new Katy Perry-esque hairstyle. COINCIDENCE???


In addition to a mini reunion, I’m also calling this a fashion face-off.

Whose outfit do you like better? Christina’s or Jessica’s?


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Kelly Osbourne’s Christina Hendricks Costume Is Pretty Amazing


Kelly Osbourne is getting my props lately. After apologizing for being an insufferable twit to Gaga, Ms. Osbourne is getting more of my applause (HA PUN INTENDED) for her incredible Christina Hendricks costume (above). Here is what it’s based on:


It’s so fun to see celebrities dressed as other celebrities, isn’t it? Unless it’s Hugh Hefner as Robin Thicke…

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! What are your plans and costumes???

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