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The Best, Worst, and WTF Of Emmy Fashion

kelly osbourne emmys 2013

Kelly Osbourne. From the front, this looked lovely. From the back, it looks like the dress is covered in fire ants and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. It belongs to the ants now.

2013 Emmy Awards have come and gone and a few people cared. This post is for you. Let’s take a look at the best, worst, and WTF of 2013 Emmy fashion. I know Lena Dunham’s outfit is bound to get a few people talking.

google glasses Kunal Nayyar big bang theory emmys

Kunal Nayyar from The Big Bang Theory wore Google Glasses (or “Google Glass” if you want to use the correct term). Douche. F-ck this guy.


linda cardellini emmys 2013

Linda Cardellini, vampire queen (because she doesn’t age.) I love her and I love this. I think that a lot of people will either love this or hate it. Hate it a lot.


zooey deschanel emmys 2013

Zooey Deschanel in her Zooey Deschanel-iest.


mayim bialik emmys 2013

Mayim Bialik. Eh. Love the hair.


evan peters emmys 2013

Evan Peters. I’m entertained. Not in a good way.


Zosia Mamet emmys 2013

Oh God. It’s that awful girl from Girls wearing something awful. Good.


kiernan shipka sally draper emmys 2013

Kiernan Shipka AKA Sally Draper, bringing it the way someone should have. I mean this as a compliment to her. She’s great and she’s fabulous.


january jones emmys 2013

My girl January Jones usually brings it. This is just okay. Very mellow.


elisabeth moss emmys 2013

Elisabeth Moss usually does not bring it at all. Today she almost brought it. But the hair told her, “No. No, you will not ‘bring it’ after all.”


christina hendricks emmys 2013

Christina Hendricks in a very vampy gown with 1920’s (maybe more 1930’s) style hair. She’s just so f-cking glamorous.

And now for our last Mad Men lady:

jessica pare emmys 2013

Jessica Paré AKA Megan Draper. I really wanted to love this — pockets! — but those shoes ruin it for me.

Okay, now back to everyone else.


aubrey plaza emmys 2013

Aubrey Plaza. Why the f-ck can’t this girl figure out how to dress herself or hire someone who can? Jesus. Every time.


anna gunn breaking bad emmys 2013

Anna Gunn, AKA Skyler White, looking fanf-ckingtastic. So glad she won an Emmy!


amanda peet emmys 2013

Amanda Peet looks uncomfortable and tired and it’s probably because she’s wearing a  stiffly flowing mess.


mindy kaling emmys 2013

Mindy Kaling. Not loving the cut-outs or hair, but daaaaamn, she is working that dress.


Lena Headey emmys 2013

Lena Headey in WTF is wrong with me because I actually like it.


claire danes emmys 2013

Claire Danes. Hate this. Sorry.


kerry washington emmys 2013

Here’s Kerry Washington, the best dressed woman in the world. Uhhh…really? Maybe this looked less silly and more expensive in person.


rose byrne emmys 2013

Do you think maybe they’ll let Rose Byrne eat after the show? Jesus Christ.


laura dern emmys 2013

I think Laura Dern’s dress is so pretty. (Guess light pink was a popular color this year.) Her hair is all messy and awful but of course, that’s how Laura Dern does it. She’s too breezy to do her hair.


cobie smulders emmys 2013

Cobie Smulders. Oh Cobie, Cobie, Cobie. (Or, Robin on How I Met Your Mother.) You are so much prettier than this dress and hair. This whole look ages you.


kristen connolly emmys 2013

I’m not familiar with Kristen Connolly but I love this!


heidi klum emmys 2013

Heidi…what. Is this?


lena dunham emmys 2013

Lena Dunham. I love that she matched her eyeshadow to the dress — no, I really do — because I love the color and that she wants to have fun with her look. But the dress is awful. It just overpowers her.


sarah silverman emmys 2013

And finally, Sarah Silverman looking stunning.


BEST: Linda Cardellini

WORST: Zosia Mamet

WTF: Heidi Klum

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  • I think all the Mad Men ladies looked amazing, except for Jessica Paré’s shoes indeed. Kiernan is such a cutie omg.

  • LOL at all of these; whether I agree or not.

    Just because you have pockets (I’m looking at you, Jessica Paré), doesn’t mean you have to awkwardly angle your hands into them for photos.

    I absolutely LOVE Laura Dern’s dress / hair / everything. No idea why. Just love it.

  • Lena Dunham cannot dress herself to save her life. That dress is just AWFUL. She never fails to pick dresses that make her look old and weirdly shaped. Her outfits on girls are a thousand times better