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Linda Cardellini Is A Vampire

linda cardellini lindsay weir

Linda Cardellini AKA Lindsay Weir of Freaks and Geeks and Sylvia of Mad Men obviously got bitten by a vampire sometime in the early ’00s, because I have no other explanation for why she doesn’t age. She’s 37. That’s 37. As in, not 27. Which is what she looks. Tops. They make her look so much older on Mad Men, but everyone looks older on Mad Men. Such is the style.

Anyway, the lovely Ms. Cardellini announced her engagement to some dude named Steven Rodriguez. I tried to figure out what he does but I’m getting nothing here. Here’s how what’s-his-name proposed, according to Ms. Cardellini (via Us Weekly):

I was surprised that it was happening at that moment. We were actually with some of the people I love most: my sister, and my cousins and one of my best friends Maura [Tierney] … and we were sitting, and he started getting choked up and then got on his knee. It was very beautiful.

The couple have 1 child together. You may remember Maura Tierney from ER. Cardellini was also on ER. I remember walking by the TV when my mom was watching an episode with her in it saying, “That chick is way too young for that role.” But I was incorrect.

Check out these photos of her from Mad Men for comparison.

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