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Another Celebrity Falls Short Of Their Kickstarter Goal

Zosia Mamet glamour girls

Zach Braff gave an unofficial OK to any and all other celebrities who want to fund their projects by asking the public for money. I’m talking about using Kickstarter. It worked really well for Mr. Braff. But not very well for Melissa Joan Hart, and now, Zosia Mamet (Girls) can be added to the list.

Ms. Mamet was asking for $32,000 to make a music video for a song she and her sister wrote. Her sister, Clara Mamet, is on the television show The Neighbors. They only raised $2,783.

So far, I feel f-cking fantastic when celebrities can’t raise enough money on Kickstarter. Read this description of their page (via Daily Mail) and tell me you don’t feel good, or at the very least totally okay, about them not getting the money.

On the page, the sisters Mamet, as they apparently refer to themselves, posted a video that gave a little background to their duo dubbed The Cabin Sisters, stating that they ‘started a band as an excuse to spend more time together’ and that the writing of the song ‘happened in a matter of hours so to make a music video to the song would be kind of a full circle thing.’

Pledges began at $25, which earned a full digital download of The Cabin Sister’s first album that has yet to be completed, to $8,000 or more, which would earn ‘Zosia Mamet’s (director styled) set chair, from season 2, signed by the GIRLS! with Shoshanna embroidered in its back,’ among other items.

I can’t even. Maybe you can.

If the two of you really don’t have enough money, go ask your dad, David Mamet. Pretty sure he has enough to give or loan you. Or do what everyone else does and get another job so you can save up enough money for your hobbies.

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    • Truth that Veronica Mars came first, but I think that’s totally different. Veronica Mars was a film project that resorted to Kickstarter because no major or minor studio would back it. Fans were happy to contribute because it was the only way it could get made. Zach Braff is 1 man who could have easily funded a low budget indie feature. Yeah, he didn’t want to put all of his money into it, but too bad. But hey, people contributed so it got made. I think other celebs saw Zach Braff and thought hey, he’s not an A-list guy but he’s got fans, I bet I’m on the same level.

  • David Mamet didn’t get rich by being stupid with his money. He’s probably told his daughters that if they need money, they should use someone elses, like he did to get started.
    Plus, most wealthy people, the smart ones anyway, don’t indulge their kids with lame schemes like this.