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Jessica Paré AKA Megan Draper Knows That She Is “Goddamn Lucky”

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Jessica Paré plays Don Draper’s wife, Megan, on the hit show Mad Men — and she knows how “goddamn lucky” she is. In an interview with LA Confidential Magazine, the Zou Bisou Bisou singer said,

I’m so goddamn lucky. I can wake up at 4 o’clock, drive to work in the dark, and drive home in the dark, and there’s not one single morning where I’m [forcing myself] to get my ass out of bed into the shower, where I’m not so excited and grateful that I have this amazing job to go to. My drive to work is just this whole symphony of gratitude.

Now THAT is being humble and THAT is why people don’t like Gwyneth Paltrow, THAT attitude right there. THAT is why people don’t like January Jones. THAT is really fun to type in capital letters. THAT ATTACK! THAT THAT THAT. Okay, moving on,

Nobody’s more excited about me being on the show than I am. My friends and people I work with actually think it’s kind of hilarious when I get recognized, because I’m far more excited than the other person. At first it’s like, ‘You’re on that show Mad Men…’ [To which I reply,] I know! Isn’t it crazy? I get mocked a little bit, but I do feel that way.

I really like Jessica Paré. I also like the Megan character. I’m hoping we see lots more of her. And in a sea of unflattering 1968 era outfits, hers are the best. They always keep her chic.

Are you watching the new season of Mad Men?

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  • Mad Men rules! Being old enough to remember wearing coats and ties to work, I miss smoking in the office (hell, I still miss smoking after quitting 8 years ago) and having drinks in the boss’s office or at lunch.

  • I love Mad Men!! I think it’s so interesting, and the outfits are excellent. Megan is one of my favourite characters and I love the fact that she has the balls to stand up to Don. So glad it’s back!!

  • Yes!! I really hope Don doesn’t break her heart. She isn’t as stone cold as fat, bitter Betty is (or was). I wish I didn’t have to wait a week between episodes! And the preview on Sunday was so vague it’s driving me crazy!!

    • I don’t think Betty is cold! I think she is bitter and sad because she has been raised to act in a very specific way and that isn’t what she actually wants at all. Many housewives in the 50s, esp those coming from well-off backgrounds, had the same psychological problems as Betty did because they couldn’t really choose what they wanted to do with their lives and were stuck with a domestic life, want it or not. I feel very sorry for her. True, she acts petty and bitter, but if I were forced into ~~domestic bliss~~ to be considered respectable I’d be too. Sorry I have many feelings about Betty Draper.

  • Yes, since day one. Break her heart, Jacq? Um, good morning! He just nailed the wife of his downstairs neighbor (a doctor) ON THE WAY BACK UP TO HIS OWN APARTMENT, and HOPPED BACK INTO BED WITH MEGAN!

    Hmmm.. come to think of it, I’ve done this sort of thing too. Uhhh… except I wasn’t married…

  • I cannot stand the Megan character. I hope she is not prominently featured this season. Both Pare and her character are beyond annoying.

    I thought the premiere was awful. Mad Men is slowly becoming a mediocre show. The writing has been dismal the last two seasons.

    • The opening show each season alway seem disjointed and disappointing, but I think it’s because they introduce story lines that arc throughout the season. They seemed to have regained some footing last year, althought if you don’t like Megan, you won’t agree.