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Mad Men

Mad Men Fashion Post!

The cast of Mad Men got together at the Paley Center for Media’s PaleyFest 2014 honoring the show, but what’s really important is what they wore. Let’s take a look!

Sadly, my favorite January Jones wasn’t there. Not sure why. Maybe she’s shooting something. Like BIRDS IN HER BACKYARD, AM I RIGHT? (Mad Men joke, okay, moving on.)

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‘Mad Men’ reveals groovy Bob Dylan-inspired artwork for its final season


Mad Men is FINALLY coming back on April 13, a Sunday. And they’ve unveiled the new artwork for its final season (technically they cut the final season into 2 parts to stretch it out). The artwork is above.

It’s very groovy and Bob Dylan inspired:


I am VERY excited for the return of Mad MenDo you think they’ll finally be able to corral Jon’s Hamm? If ya know what I mean?

Also maybe this new hippie era will mean less shaving time for Mr. Hamm.


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Ellen Gives Us Mad Men Minus Cigarettes


Ellen DeGeneres wanted to do something for The Great American Smokeout that happened yesterday (you know, a whole day of “let’s not smoke, America”) so she gave us Mad Men with a twist. Instead of smoking cigarettes, you’ll see Don Draper blowing noisemakers. You know, like those HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! things. It’s pretty funny.

Now let’s see Kate Moss without cigarettes. Ha ha, funny joke!

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