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‘Mad Men’ reveals groovy Bob Dylan-inspired artwork for its final season


Mad Men is FINALLY coming back on April 13, a Sunday. And they’ve unveiled the new artwork for its final season (technically they cut the final season into 2 parts to stretch it out). The artwork is above.

It’s very groovy and Bob Dylan inspired:


I am VERY excited for the return of Mad MenDo you think they’ll finally be able to corral Jon’s Hamm? If ya know what I mean?

Also maybe this new hippie era will mean less shaving time for Mr. Hamm.


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  • Yo CSI! I’m sad it’s the end. There seems like so much more to cover, so I fear they’ll speed everything up & spread themselves thin ala the end of Dexter, what a shitstorm that last season was… But I’m sure MM will be swell regardless. The attention to detail, costume & decor wise, that’s why I REALLY love MM. Hot damn. Long live the Hamm Dong. His character sucks, but fun to watch. Here’s hopin’ he learns in a season how to treat a woman well. Holy fuck does he need therapy! He is the spittin’ image of my last boss when I worked in Hollywood, it’s creeptastic. And little Sally, it’s about time that character stepped up. I wanna see her burn her bra & expand her mind! Hence why I hoped the show would go on longer – I always thought the younger Sally taking notice of protests on TV & getting sent home for “touching herself” was foreshadowing, implying a very badass teenager was brewing inside… I don’t really give a rat’s ass what happens to Betty. And Roger is forever hot. That is all.

  • omg I’m SO excited. I want to see Peggy stepping over Don and PETE’s head and climb her way to the top, accompanied by Joan. I want Dawn to have more time to develop a quality character arch, I want to see so much more of Sally, like pick nak said I think she could become very very interesting. I am sad it’s finishing but I would rather it finishes at its prime than just drag forever. I want Don to be crushed by Megan (I think she is the only one who can match him), and I want Betty to overcome her personal devils and rise.
    I want the ladies to thrive!!!