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Eva Green’s costume was made of real human hair


Eva Green‘s costume in 300: Rise of an Empire featured a very special vest — one made entirely of real human hair:


I adore Eva Green, but for some reason, this grosses me out so hard. And apparently, the vest was very, very tight. Here’s what she said about the weird-ass get-up, via USA Today:

It was like a second skin. And it was a lot lighter than a lot of the other outfits which were quite hot.

And in case you were wondering how she got into shape to fit into such a bizarre costume item, Ms. Green reports,

It was tough in the beginning. But I’m a bit masochistic. I love lunges and squats.

So there you go. With lots of lunges and squats, you too can wear the grossest thing ever — in style! This grosses me out, but what do you guys think?


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  • To wear human hair to make yours look fuller is accepted, but wearing it as clothes is gross? Where is the logic in that?