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Mad Men Fashion Post!

The cast of Mad Men got together at the Paley Center for Media’s PaleyFest 2014 honoring the show, but what’s really important is what they wore. Let’s take a look!

Sadly, my favorite January Jones wasn’t there. Not sure why. Maybe she’s shooting something. Like BIRDS IN HER BACKYARD, AM I RIGHT? (Mad Men joke, okay, moving on.)


Christina Hendricks. I’m honestly not too psyched with what’s going on here. I love the shoes and accessories, but I don’t think this dress flatters her in pretty much any way.


jessica-pare-2 jessica-pare-1

Jessica Paré. This dress looks so much cuter from the side. From any angle though I think she looks great. She’s got the right physique to pull of this kind of cut. Also, the more I see her, the more I see David Bowie. Anyone else see it?



Elisabeth Moss. It’s cute, I like the red shoes, nice touch. Not sure why she added a tuxedo blazer later.



And here comes Kiernan Shipka, who is always the best-dressed despite being 14. Man, I wish I had her career right now. She’s gonna be huge, like Emma Watson huge.



Jon Hamm, looking awkward as hell. Does the suit not fit him properly? The pants are too long (sigh) but I like this style of suit on him. It’s very Roger Sterling, actually. And speaking of the guy, where the hell was John Slattery?



Don’t know where the silver fox was, but Vincent Kartheiser was there. He is so much cuter than the character he plays. I love this look on him. He’s like that cute teacher who teaches history and plays guitar after work.


Anyway, I dub Kiernan Shipka best dressed. What do you guys think?

O hay ladies.

O hay ladies.

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  • Kiernan was definitely the best. I hope she can peacefully transition from child actor to proper serious actor. Also, I think Christina Hendricks needs a new stylist because she always wears outfits that are so unflattering to her shape. She’s a knock-out and the dresses she wears really don’t do her any justice.