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Quotables: If You Need to Talk About Nicki Minaj’s Backside, That’s Totally Fine

“I don’t mind the fascination. It’s all good. It doesn’t define me… Like, if you guys focus energy on and spend energy on it, I don’t mind it. You know, people are sitting in the barbershop talking about my butt, it’s conversational. That’s what people are gonna do. As long as I’m talking about Nicki Minaj, I’m good.”

Nicki Minaj opens up about her fabled ass.

If y’all want to talk about Nicki’s butt like we’re at the barbershop, that’s cool, but I want to talk about her look, because listen, anyone who wears a rainbow unitard has no business not being my very best friend, ok?

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  • i dont know why people are fascinated by her butt. its huge, nasty and i hate it. and whoever dresses like that needs to be have some sense slapped into them. seriously, the hell are you thinking when you look in the mirror with that on

  • To daniel, true say, i never understand what peole like about her; i mean she’s fake from top to bottom. Fake nose, fake ass, fake (english accent). I swear her eglish accent is disgusting, we don’t sound like that. anyways i don’t think she got anything going for her except her the young fans who don’t know what to do with their life, but soon when they grow up and wake up they’ll come to their sense (ain’t her moment for life)

  • nicki minaj is a business woman. She’s an artiste, all she needs from the public is for us to talk about her, whether it be in a positive or negative light. It’s all a part of the game. She’s all about making her money legitimately and legally, she’s got it. On another note, have you ever been to the country of her birth, I believe most of the women there are natrually have a look like Nikki, in terms of physic. Nikki you make u paper girl, “hey I just shitted on em'”