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You Must Watch This Katy Perry Fan Documentary

Mini Documentary of Katy Perry's number one fan

We’re definitely not Katy Perry fans around these parts (although we can admit she’s kinda nice to look at sometimes), but the subject of this mini-documentary (click HERE to see it) is a SUPER FAN. His entire room is covered in Katy photos, he watches her videos on her computer daily and he owns several copies of every magazine she’s in.

I always love watching fan documentaries (see: I Think We’re Alone Now about Tiffany fans) because it’s so interesting to see someone devote their entire lives to another person in an obsessive manner. You know there’s something really interesting going on there psychology-wise and that there’s always a lot more to their obsession than they even realize. Like, as much as all of this is about Katy, I don’t think it has anything to do with Katy.

Have you ever been an obsessive fan? Do you know any?

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  • Wow, so you check all the gossip sites too for info on her… ????

    I might have to check out your film/ site now….

  • Wow, that was fast! How often do you check the gossip sites…. Every 5 minutes… There are a ton of gossip sites…

    I had painfully intense admiration/ crushes on certain stars over the years, but I kept my yearnings very very quiet… Maybe it’s better to let it all out, but I’m not from the generation that felt the freedom to be able to do so…. or had the media access to do so…

    Well, Jack Moore. Is there a website address for you?