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Moby Defines Music, Calls Out Britney Spears Again

A photo of Moby

Man, Moby is on fire this month. Remember that time a few weeks ago when he called Britney Spears “broken” and we were all like “daaaamn!”?  Well, it looks like this man still isn’t done ragging on Britney, and this time, he pulls poor, innocent Ke$ha into the mix as well.  In a recent interview with Spinner, Moby was asked about the musical stylings of these popular ladies, and he wasn’t shy about expressing his thoughts:

“It’s fun, but I don’t think of it as music. It’s manufactured. I appreciate it as a pop culture phenomenon and some of the songs I like if I hear them in a shopping mall or something, but it doesn’t function as music for me. Music is something that communicates emotion and integrity in a really interesting, direct way. And when I listen to the pop music you’re describing, it’s hyper-produced corporate product. That isn’t really even a criticism, but I just think calling it music is a misnomer.”

Listen, Moby, you’re a grown ass man.  You’re 45 years old.  I think it’s time to get off your high horse and go sit in your shower and brokenly sing “We Are All Made of Stars.” Not because I think you’re wrong – on the contrary, I completely agree with you – I just feel embarrassed on your behalf.

Way to get people talking about you again, though.  I mean, without resorting to recording a song with Gwen Stefani.

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  • wtf? you agree with him completely yet you are embarrassed by what he said? you make no sense. moby rules!!