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Quotables: LeAnn Rimes Defends Her Body

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

“Those are called abs, not bones, love.  Thanks, but this is my body and I can promise you I’m a healthy girl.  Thanks for your concern, but no need to be.”

This was LeAnn Rimes’ response on Twitter after she posted the bikini pic above and some of her fans pointed out that she looks like she’s dying.  Now don’t we all just feel stupid?! She’s not bony, ok, she looks great and she’s the picture of health and how dare you imply otherwise.  In fact, we could all learn a few things from LeAnn.  So the next time you get on your high horse and think you can discern the difference between muscle and emaciation on a human body, you just check yourself before making such hurtful and stupid comments, ok?

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  • As much as I want to be thinner, I would never want to be that thin. She looks like a skeleton, and I bet that she really had to restrict her diet to get to this point (and I love food too much to ever restrict that far). Plus, she’s delusional – those are abs? No, those are hipbones, Leann.

  • Sorry LeAnn – you look emaciated and NOT healthy!! Her neck, arms,gaunt facem protruding hip bones (no those are not abs- btw) look BAD. She looks like she has been ill with a wasting disease. I think she needs to realize she has body dismorphic disorder and looks terrible, NOT FIT!

  • And again – let’s look at this photo next to Christina Hendricks, shall we? My God, this is a horrifying example of Body dysmorphic disorder.

  • Wow… she looks really ugly… Like who would bone that? it would be like doing a tree… of bones haha

  • Okay if those bony looking things are actually abs, what are those sinewy, stick-like things hanging off of your shoulders?

  • it´s her body-her choice. if she likes how she looks then who are we to judge… there´s always someone saying ´too fat!´, ´too skinny!´, how ´bout you foucs on your body.

  • i think she looks good but that’s because i like ano-looking people… umm those are def not abs. she needs to learn some anatomy. especially since her abs aren’t defined at all, they’re just flat.