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LeAnn Rimes Loses Some Weight, Cries That She Hasn’t

picture of leann rimes weight loss before and after photos

Here’s a pretty good ‘before-and-after’ photo of LeAnn from the time that she said that she DIDN’T lose weight to the current time. I mean, the picture kind of speaks for itself – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out: LeAnn Rimes lost weight. LeAnn Rimes actually lost a pretty FAIR AMOUNT of weight, and I’m not quite understanding her outcry over allegations that she’s LOST said weight.

I get that weight fluctuates – my God, I gained sixty pounds during pregnancy, took seventy-five off in the months after delivery, and put fifteen back on within a year. Weight happens, you know. But you can well bet that I didn’t deny gaining – or losing or gaining – that weight, especially when there were comparison photos in place to discredit my rantings. LeAnn claims that a regular breakfast for her consists of ‘poached eggs, whole wheat toast and Italian ham [with] fresh berries.’ Ham? What’s ham? Girl, if I even LOOK at ham, my legs turn INTO ham.

I get it: you lost weight, LeAnn. I’m glad you have something you consider ‘controversial’ to squawk about on your Twitter page these days, but come on. This just isn’t all that interesting.  Just stay healthy.

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  • what IS interesting is why you chose to blog about something that “isn’t all that interesting.” no, wait. that’s not interesting either. YAWN.

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