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Selena Gomez Thinks Bipolar Disorder is Cute, Trendy

I was just reading this interview with Selena Gomez where they asked her what it’s like dating pop sensation Justin Bieber and dealing with his haters and juggling her work schedule with all of that, and are you ready for what she said? It’s a doozy.

“I am sure I have some sense of bipolar-ness. I wake up happy then I turn to sadness on a dime. It’s crazy but I do enjoy all of it right now.”

Some sort of bipolar-ness? Hmmm, is that a dig at her former BFF Demi Lovato or just one of the most insensitive comments I’ve ever heard a celebrity make in order to fill up interview space?

Selena has to be aware of the fact that bipolar disorder is a real thing that affects the lives of millions of people, and not just a cute word for what it’s like when she wakes up grumpy.

Normally I’m a Selena fan, but girl… get your shit together.

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  • This is not a real interview, is again such a silly montage of many statements from 2009 and 2010.

  • Um I Don’t find this offensive at all and I don’t even like this bitch. Chill out, its not like she made fun of people with bipolar disorder, she just said that sometimes she has mood fluctuations like pretty much every other teenager. Maybe you need to pull that tree trunk out of your arse Molls?

  • @lulu-Perhaps you don’t find it insensitive, but I do. As someone who has been directly affected by bipolar disorder for my entire life, I do not take references like this lightly. I understand that she is just a kid, but don’t equate your teenage moods with a very serious illness. I have seen first hand the abuse (physical, emotional and verbal) which can occur as a result of mental illness.

    When you are told at age 8 of your parent’s suicide plan or go through manic episodes which turn violent, then I think you can run your mouth all you’d like. Until then, don’t jump down Molls’ or anyone else’s throat for thinking comments like this are insensitive and uneducated. This bipolar self diagnosis that ignorant people are making takes away from the seriousness of this disease.

  • She just doesn’t know what the illness is. Not the only one, I have met many adults in my time that I find myself describing my mothers illness to. Some simple mental illness education throughout schools would benefit many.

  • as a sufferer of bipolar, schizophrenic psychosis, anxiety and major depressive disorder…..i feel outraged that celebrities are acting this way and claiming to be this. i am going to have to suffer with this for the rest of my life, my fucks sake, wake up and set yourself right.

    • i totally agree, and really hope the likes of you who actually suffer from things like this has the best of luck through it….

    • I’m sorry for you. But I don’t like that you say “I feel outraged that celebrities are acting this way and claiming to be this”… I mean excuse me, but don’t you see “celebrities” as people? They have issues and disorders and all types of problems, just like you.

  • I toally agree with Lulu – I don’t think the comments are out of order, in fact if anything I think that evil beet is picking at straws to fill up blog space. Get over it

  • i hate herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr a lotttttttttttttt i can’t take it anymoreeeee i wish i could meet her and spit on her face and kill herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! that ugly mexican girl sucks!

    • Really? Must You Bring Her Race into This? Just Stick To Being pissed About Her Using The Word “Bipolar” incorrectly.

    • um ok for one shes white, not mexican, get your facts straight or get your eyes checked. 2nd i find that prejudice to, even if she was mexican (and shes not) race has nothing to do with this, and third, how the hell is she using bipoler as a bad thing? hell i have had alot of people callling me albino cause im so white and my hair is white as can be ( or was before i dyed it ) ive had people call me chinese and japanese, cause of my eye ( have no muscle in my eye lids ) and that doesnt affect me, come on people, there jst words, so grow up. jeez…… acting like a bunch of kids, hating on someone is a strong feeling, grow the hell up……. and killing her? oh wow your such a biiiiig man/girl whatever your gender is, you wana kill someone just cause they make more money then you and look alot better and hotter then you, and alot better then you, wow such a biiiig person…… get a life and quit dissing people to make yourself feel better….

    • Hello Bipolar-ness(yakima). This is what happens when you hang on the words of the dumb and young.

  • the sad thing is that the majority of the population doesn’t know what any psychiatric disorder entails….people use bipolar disorder/manic depressive/multiple personality/dissociative disorder all interchangeably, when they’re not. personally i would give selena gomez a little slack because she probably doesnt know what bipolar disorder entails…a lot of people think that any fluctuation in mood is bipolar, when those of us who know about it know that that is not the truth. perhaps this would be a good time for the public to be taught about psychiatric disorders.

  • We’ve seen this happen before, where a real disorder gets taken away by slang and grossly overused and it pissed me off every time, how many people claim to “be OCD?” How many of those people actually have OCD? If you want to judge a larger population on Selena Gomez and a few others out there who have started using bipolar as a trendy adjective that deadens society to it’s actual meaning, then we’re in for trouble….again!

  • I’m bipolar. This isn’t even close to offensive. She’s just using the term idiomatically. I don’t hear any hint that she’s minimizing the illness or adding to the stigma.

    I think you’re just looking for controversy to drum up hits. I guess it worked with me, but I use an ad blocker.

    • i deff agree, and is there even any proof that she said this? or is the guy just making it up? we dont know the fulll truth, he could just make it up to get attention. i for one dont even believe she said it.

  • I have been bipolar for years and now finding out that Demi Lovato is bipolar too, is just something I can relate to. Being bipolar is a hard thing to deal with, but when people say someone is bipolar because they got mad, just makes me mad. Selena sort of offended me, but what she said is nothing close to being bipolar. Having manias that are soo bad sometimes that it scares you, is horrifying. When someone says something and you dont know when you will have a mania high, can scare you. Yeah there are warning signs to my peers by the way I act and not knowing when you will slip into a depression phase. Like Demi I am manic most of the time, but I have a way of dealing with it, by a combo of meds and counseling. Selena probably should not have said that, but you shouldnt have made such a big deal about it.

  • wtf selena??!?! My bestfriend was bipolar (she died last year) and its not friggin funny!! I bet selena is just a pain in the ass and trying to find a different term to fill it up. lmaooo sorry i laughed when i wrote that last part. :P

  • It’s all a matter of opinion. It doesn’t matter whether your best friend passed away from bipolar disorder (which is impossible, I doubt the death certificate said died of bipolar disorder) or your parents have a suicide plan. If that’s how she felt at the time and the only association she could make was to what she has heard about bipolar disorder (sometimes your up, sometimes your down) then that’s it. I doubt she meant offense. She’s a kid and the best way for her to explain being a teen was by explaining it as bipolar disorder which in all honesty I probably would have claimed that I was bp as a teen too. Girls are crazy bitches during puberty…

  • “Hmmm, is that a dig at her former BFF Demi Lovato or just one of the most insensitive comments I’ve ever heard a celebrity make in order to fill up interview space??”

    I think you’re a retarded moron if you honestly believe this. As for Selena’s statement, any idiot can tell that this was just a miss worded statement. Not even the most bipolar individual would see this as a “diss” towards them.

    Nowhere did this statement indicated that she was being insensitive towards bipolar people at all. It was a poorly worded joke maybe and it was a verbal faux pas, that’s for sure but nowhere did it indicate any offense and if you’re truly offended by this, then I say tone down the holier than thou BS and look up a REAL offensive indignation while you are at it.

  • Exactly. There is hardly anything offensive about this. THese people who “offended by her words” needs to shut the fuck up and get off their high horses. So what? Your aunt has bipolar or someone you know has it, that means it’s a dig towards them? Oh god, spare me this BS and spare me the ritcheous indignation as well as the deplorable act that people are bringing in others THEY know to support their hatred for certain celebs.

    Shut the fuck up morons.

  • And for the record, I highly doubt Demi Lovato would be offended by this. And she actually HAS a bipolar disorder.

  • I can’t believe this chick thinks she has bipolar I have spent the last six weeks trying to get my bipolar paranoia under control this disease gets its hold on you and then you have to fight with all your might to get it under control

  • ok, I have Bi-polar and I’m not so offended to think that the statement is refering to another person. It does concern me though that our current culture thinks that the mood swings of day to day life as a teen or not is a “sense” of a disease that is none too pleasant. It concerns me that an actor that is put out in front of children as someone to look up to is using the medical term in this manner.
    Please visit the N.A.M.I. web site for better information about this and other mental illness at

  • that’s not true i’v search for it like 3 hour’s ago and there’s no interview for selena that she said that. stop telling lie’s just to let people write stopped comment’s like there heads

  • goooooooooo selenaaaaaaaaaa let them die jalousing hahaha your heart is on fire now or what!!!fuck off if don’t like it

  • Bipolar in the sense she uses it is just to say she has ups and downs – like any teenager is prone to. If she had said she was diagnosed as manic-depressive and wasnt I could understant the fuss. But she just used common day teenage language – give her a break !

  • Its slang talk. She is a smart lady and she still has to understand that there are people like you that aren’t quite so learned to get that a comment is not always gospel. No Harm no foul. She wishes Demi well.. she has played that card as far as it needs playing.. I’m sure the door is open if Demi decides to pursue it. She really has to learn “Paparazo bable” its a language that experienced celebs have learned to embrace and its designed to make sure this kind of “Story Silly” doesn’t happen and people don’t wip up false allegations ..much like this story..

  • If this interview is real, then I think she said that, because she just wanted something to say. She doesn’t understand the whole essence of it and ended up saying something a little stupid. I have Bipolar Disorder (I) and it’s a very serious thing, I can’t say I experience one phase more then the other, except maybe the Mixed State, but it is what it is. I handle it with art rather it’s writing, music, or acting (I need something to do!!). So to be honest I’m not that upset for what she said, a little offended because to me it felt like she was joking about it, but fuck it! If I trip over that for the who day I would be crazy!

  • Selena you are the hottest ,most beautiful&the sexiest girl i have ever seen will you marry me +i have a crush on u

  • Bipolar can kill actually. Its not funny at all what she said. Because it can cause depression which causes some suffers to commit suicide. I have bipolar & I nearly committed suicide once. I understand she waas saying she has mood swings but bipolar does something different. The public needs to understand that justs because you have natural ups & downs you don`t have a mental disorder. The menta disorder she referred to isn`t funny. Its scary sometimes.

  • I’m bipolar and it has put me through hell, but be easy on the poor girl she is young and just don’t know. When I was young it started with mild depression after all and God only knows if she is having downs what it might lead to, then if we are busting her up now how will we feel later? Just a thought.

  • i have bipolar and i disagree with the thought that i have to “suffer” through it for the rest of my life. i am a perfectly happy person who does not feel the suffering and i feel that it is bad to draw attention to yourself just because you have bipolar. it is not a horrible thing and it doesnt make your like bad if you know how to work with it.