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This is Why We Like Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, as far as young female starlets go, does not offend me in the slightest. She seems really sweet and she’s a UNICEF ambassador and then last night she went and covered a song by the original Selena during her show at the San Antonio Rodeo. The real Selena, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, is one of my favorite people ever. For Selena Gomez to pay homage to her and bring her music to the attention of a new generation of possible fans is very cool. Also, ummm… is that her on-again boyfriend Nick Jonas holding it down on the side of the stage?

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  • JLo actually was the one who bought Selena’s music to the attention of the new generation of teens/kids. Who honestly haven’t seen that movie? They play it on network tv to death.

  • She’s not an amazing singer but she’s impossibly cute. And she didn’t butcher Selena’s song, plus she’s a UNICEF ambassador so I can’t hate her at all. She’s adorable. And I LOVE Selena. Pretty much all Texans do.

    But I thought Nick was dating Miley? Who’s dated who with these tweens? I know Taylor Swift dated Joe Jonas. And I thought Nick dated Miley. Didn’t know about Selena.

  • All I know is, Selena better make sure that her manager isn’t a deranged, jealous trigger happy chicano woman! Aieee!!!

  • Selena is cute and all but her singing really isnt that good IMHO and shes not a very good performer either…. couldnt watch all of it but i do like her as an actress, maybe she should stick to that.

  • Her Spanish is pretty bad at some points, making me think she doesn’t actually speak Spanish but somehow “sings” in Spanish like Christina Aguilera.

  • I found this performance amazingly cute. The girl is no Whitney Houston or Celine Dion, but she’s definitely gotten better at singing. I loved it. She’s so freaking cute and adorable.

  • god, it’s too easy to become a celeb these days, just butcher a song you didn’t write or have anything to do with and BOOM kids love ya

  • I Liked it. She doesn’t speak spanish so I understand the not so perfect pronunciation, but least she is trying to embrace her hispanic side by singing in spanish, good for her.

  • I dont know if she is singing spanish or they make a change in her voice or something but if this is her singing spanish she sings realy good and i know because i speak spanish

  • Ok, I’m sorry but she is very beautiful to me she is amazingly nice and is crazy hot haha just sayin……

  • She’s so cute! I think she’s the next Selena Quintanilla-Christina Aguilera with a baby voice though.


  • wow that preformance was a disgrace to the memory of selena quintanilla that song was not supposed to be preformed like that ever. made the sound seem like a joke. seriously she should stick to acting