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Tori Amos Will Release Holiday Album, Is Also Totally Pregnant


Tori Amos, who continues to insist that she is not pregnant despite the fact that she is obviously pregnant, will be releasing her very first holiday album this year. Says Billboard:

The holidays are shaping up to be rather bright for Tori Amos fans, as the singer-songwriter is set to release “Midwinter Graces,” her first collection of holiday music. Due November 10 on Universal Republic, the twelve song set features holiday standards such as “What Child, Nowell” and “Star of Wonder,” as well as original compositions such as “Pink and Glitter” and “Our New Year.” Amos recruited longtime collaborators Matt Chamberlain on drums, Jon Evans on bass, Mac Aladdin on guitars and arranger John Philip Shenale.

I just think this paragraph is funny, because, like, wait, isn’t “Pink and Glitter” a traditional holiday standard? I remember caroling to that song as a child. There was a line in there about dildos roasting on an open fire and Jack Nicholson nipping at your clitoris. And we’d all have to slither around the front porches and occasionally spread our legs as we sang it. It was one of my faves.

Sheesh. The full track listing is below.

“What Child, Nowell”
“Star of Wonder”
“A Silent Night With You”
“Candle: Coventry Carol”
“Holy, Ivy, and Rose”
“Harps of Gold”
“Snow Angel”
“Jeanette, Isabelle”
“Pink and Glitter”
“Winter’s Carol”
“Our New Year”

The photos here we taken at Tori’s concert in Amsterdam on September 17. I have no idea why she maintains she’s not pregnant. Maybe because she lost a baby once and she’s concerned it’s going to happen again? Or maybe in her Tori mind she’s not “pregnant,” she’s just “hosting a life form in her body.” I don’t know. Anyway, congrats on everything, Tori. I love you and I can’t wait for your holiday album.

Tori Amos Slams Lady Gaga, Respects Britney Spears

Tori Amos Pregnant Again? Performing at Radio City Music Hall Pictures Photos

Tori Amos doesn’t give interviews all that often, but when she does it’s always super-awesome.

This is what she told The Sun about Lady GaGa:

She’s what I call a meteor – singers who entertain people for a while. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. But then there are people like Neil Young who show up at Glastonbury 40 years into their career. And that’s a very different kind of artist. Neil Young doesn’t have to get his bum out on stage! The question is, will Lady GaGa be playing alongside Neil Young at Glastonbury in 20 years time? She wants to entertain people. Right now, half the world is depressed and they need to be entertained. So her timing’s perfect.

Oh SLAM! But this is really a giant dilemma for Perez Hilton. Whose side will he take? And, more importantly, are any of you reading his new site? It sure doesn’t seem like it …

Oh but Tori continues with her total awesomeness:

For me, the best thing that happened is that I didn’t have success like my father wanted me to when I was 14-years-old and I was playing clubs. Thank God it didn’t happen for me at that time. I probably wouldn’t be talking to you if it had. I think it’s really tough on teenagers when they have that kind of success. But you have to acknowledge Britney’s discipline right now – being a mum and being out on the road. When you do that year-in, year-out since you were a teenager, it can become overwhelming. … There’s a side to this industry that nurtures divas who can’t write. It’s a big business. I produce the records. I don’t hand over control to some really expensive producer who then talks to the record company and then tries to bend me to their will – for commercial purposes. But there are a lot of producers/co-writers who the only way they can make a living is if the divas are not producing themselves and not writing their songs.”

LOVE Tori! She’s made such a phenomenal career for herself using her out-of-this-world talents that she can sit around and talk smack about the industry and it’s totally cool. She’s earned it. Some people haven’t. (Are you reading this, Katie Heigl?)

Last thing: The above picture was taken at Radio City Music Hall on August 13. Not trying to be a bitch here, but is she pregnant again?

New Tori Album Leaked!


The new Tori Amos album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin, has, of course, hit the Internets, although it’s not scheduled to be released until May 18. This is actually pretty impressive by Tori standards — usually her albums leak at least two weeks prior to their release date. I was surprised it took this long.

I can’t link you to it, of course, but I’m sure if you poke around long enough you can find it. I just finished listening to it for the first time, so I haven’t had a chance to formulate an opinion or choose favorite tracks yet, but it’s very Tori, I’ll tell ya that.

New Tori New Tori New Tori!!!

A couple days ago, I posted a link to a leaked Tori Amos track from her new album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin. A second track leaked yesterday but was quickly pulled from YouTube, and I can’t track it down now — does anyone know where I can find “Fire to Your Plain”?

Anyway, today we have yet another — it’s called “500,” and you can listen to it above.

Tori’s performing at SXSW TONIGHT, so I’m hopeful that we’ll have a ton of video leaks from that to watch tomorrow. Woot woot!

New Tori Track Leaked!!!!


Ohhhhhhh it’s finally beginning!!!!

We’ve got the first track leak from the new Tori album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin. The track is called “Welcome to England,” and you can hear it here.

I’m am not a particularly unbiased opinion, but I looooove it. Tori can do NO WRONG in my book. I can’t wait for the full album. I LOVE YOU, TORI!!!

Tori’s playing SXSW on Thursday, and she’s gonna do new material, so hopefully we’ll hear even more songs from the new album then!!

Hat tip to popbytes

Hooray for New Tori Amos Album!!!


Oh goodie goodie!

Tori Amos has released the cover art and the tracklist (seventeen songs — typical Tori!) for her upcoming album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin. I always get soooo excited for a new Tori album!

Plus, she’ll be performing some of her new songs at SXSW on March 19. I’m sure they’ll be hitting the ‘nets soon after, and I can’t wait to hear them!!!

The tracklist for the new album is after the jump.

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A New Tori Album!!!

Oh, happy day!

It seems like just yesterday I was illegally downloading American Doll Posse, and now I hear there’s going to be YET ANOTHER Tori album that’ll inevitably hit the Internet months before its release date.

Tori’s ditched her old label, Epic, and signed with Universal Republic. She’s planning to release a new studio album — her tenth! — in late spring/early summer 2009.


New Tori albums make my whole day.