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Tori Amos Is Writing a Musical!

Oh, happy day!

In a new interview with Out magazine, Love of My Life Tori Amos reveals that she is “in the trenches” of creating a musical, which will hopefully open at the British National Theater in late 2009 or early 2010.

Looks like I’m going to London, kids!!!

The whole interview is definitely worth a read if you’re a Tori fan. She talks about her father, and her daughter (who’s 7 years old now! Wow!). Here’s what she has to say when the interviewer asks her if she’s explained to her daughter, Natasha, about the gay men who are some of her biggest fans:

She’s very aware that some boys stay with boys forever and marry them. And some girls stay with girls and marry them. And it’s the way it is. But the thing about Tash is that she and Granddaddy Eddie see religion very, very differently. She believes that God from the Bible is not Jesus’ father. She feels that God is — I’ll use the word “underachiever.“ She says things like “He likes war. He’s not for woman’s rights.” So in her mind God of the Bible is more like George W. Bush. That’s how she sees it. And that — to her — is not Jesus’ father. And this is where their relationship goes off into different tangents. Tash’s religion would be considered something that is not Western.

Oh, how I love me some Tori!

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  • I have been aToriphile for a long time. It is a love-hate relationship. I hate when she talks about God. I hate that she propagates hatred towards christians because of their beliefs. I hate to see her instill this in her daughter. It’s not cool and she is only a child. Tori is old enough to know better. Tori, sometimes you just don’t come thru.

  • God probably does like war; but that’s not necessarily always a bad thing. It’s actually an excellent way of keeping the world from becoming overpopulated. Not so sure about the women’s rights thing, though. Seems like women are doing better than ever, especially here in the U.S. So I don’t think God appears to be having any issues with that.

  • She needs to just sing and keep her comments to herself.

    Although it is fun to listen to her and be amazed that anyone cares what she thinks.

  • Yeah, that is very disturbing. I really hate to see people warp their kids like this.

    And yes we all have freedom of religion but…this is just creepy.

  • @ Senor Loco- there are better (and more effective) methods for fighting overpopulation than war. Including the advancement of women’s rights and education. I could never believe in a god who would support war.

  • What if you had to war with someone or a group of people to keep your home, or kids, or any freedom? God would be on your side for protecting your freedoms. It’s necessary because people can be so evil. It is necessary to fight evil, and usually words don’t work.

  • OMG, she’s 7 and you are letting her invent her own religion!!! only in hollywood….
    and btw, this pic is so disturbing to me, she looks like the monster in Pan’s Labyrinth

  • She has a great song on her last album called Yo George, really good stuff!

    You can see her balls in that pic! ; o

  • All parents warp their children. Your parents warped you – one way or another – and if you are a parent, you are doing it to your children now.

    The age of Einstein/Mozart Baby Genius bullshit means that the Baby Boomer’s grandchildren are proving to already be more self-important that the original brew.

    Inventing her own religion? Hey ms…. ever wonder who invented YOURS?

  • P.S. Tori Amos is a kick-ass original person whom I deeply respect and enjoy as an artist. I love the freaky wigs and the creepy clothes.

    I also enjoy onion rings, vodka and Project Runway. But not neccassarily in that order.

  • and I’ve been the world around
    but I ain’t seen no one anywhere near
    a girl from London town.

    Of course Tori’s daughter has her own religion! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • I love her and adore the fact that she allows her daughter to come to her own conclusion about religion. Bravo.

  • To Tufft: The terms by which we understand our freedom in our democracy is a man made concept much like most other “truths” we think undeniable. Since almost its creation religion, ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANITY, has been used as as a tool of power and force to control and subdue the masses. Even within the united states Native Americans would laugh at your continued cristian based self-righteousness and note that the RIGHT TO FREEDOM of white AMERICANS has most often meant anything but [genocide, oppression, forced removal, death, suffering] for them. A God justified”freedom” good then for who?

    With that said, it usually isn’t the ideals or dogma in religion that are awful but the men and women that lead and manipulate its practice and purposes for their selfish benefits. Because the devil can wear sheep clothings no one should follow without questioning the messenger…

    ps. tori rox … though I agree she should make some differentiation between the actions of men and God to her child.