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Things You Totally Don’t Care About

Hey, remember Ashley Parker Angel, from O Town?

Yeah, me neither.

But he and his fiancee, Tiffany Lynn, have called off their engagement. They have a two-year-old son together, named Lyric.

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  • I was going to write the same things as SJ.

    I know I’ve heard the name O Town. but I don’t even remember who they were.
    Just because of that I need to go check youtube.

  • Oh hell yes now I can have him! Sorry people, but I think hes adorable. Shes ugly anyways.

  • I loved watching this trash of a show. The best episode was when these two were so broke and she was pregnant they had a garage sale..sad.. It was a good show.

  • I remember seeing him on tour with Ashlee Simpson and he was begging people to check out his Myspace. But as for Otown? Never heard of ’em.

  • O Town was a show?
    Uh, I remember them as a band.
    I used to think he was a hottie when I was around 14. haha
    Nobody remembers that dirty song liquid dreams?
    I’m either too old for the kids on this site, or too young for the adults because I seem to be One the few who remember. =P

  • @Jess:I do remember that song, i have it on my ipod :)

    And Lyric’s not sooo bad, i mean, Sunday is worse.

  • Will Lyric (along with Apple, Audio Science, Pilot Inspektor, Speck Wildhorse, Peaches Honeyblossom, Diesel, Denim, Kal-El, Kyd, Jermajesty, and Hopper) be able to legally change his name when he turns eighteen?
    Please God, I hope so.

  • Bee Hind, you forgot Ruby Sweetheart.

    Can’t you just hear Jennifer and Tobey saying, “Sweetheart, can you bring me my slippers?” and the poor child thinking they are talking to her? How confusing.

  • Thanks for the reminder so…,

    I almost forgot about Rob Morrow’s kid, Tu (as in Tu-Morrow)! And there’s Jamie Oliver’s daughter Daisy Boo. Man, these poor kids are gonna make damn sure their parents go to very scary, broken down nursing homes when they get old….

  • Loved O Town, had a big crush on Ashley. I hated that hawaiian guy that made a big deal to be in the band and left anyways..

  • i don’t know WHY i’m thinking this, but he reminds me of marykate/ashley as michelle on full house!! crazy thought, but he does have kind of a cute little squashed annoyed face. CUTE.

  • oh, and yah? i guess it’s okay he looks like a girl….cuz that chick, however good her “personality” may be…..looks like a MAN.

  • HA HA Well, there is a few reasons why he’s called it quits… hmmm lets start with the fact that HE HAS NO REAL MONEY to keep that chick happy. Id leave too… Um, he is so apparently GAY, and I hear that Skank Aubry Oday is starring op on broadwaywith and she prob had her lips wrapped around his hesitant penis.

  • I love the name Lyric! Maybe that makes me a dirty hippie but its whatevs. Sunday is a much worse name IMO. And I do remember O-Town, I was probably a sophomore or junior in high school when they came out, and I thought they were totally gay. And who the F names their SON ASHLEY ANGEL??? That’s just cruel!!

  • Bee Hind, what about JLo’s kids, Max and Emme? Sure the names seem normal enough, until you realize that they are named after fictional hispanic cartoon children on the show Dragon Tales! What in the blue hell is wrong with people?

  • B.B.-
    Oh my God, I had no idea!
    That’s hilarious.
    Guess it’s better than Shaggy and Velma or Fred and Wilma.
    Don’t people buy “What To Name Baby” books anymore?

  • I remember OTown. The guy who use to manage NSYNC had a reality show like Making the Band that created that group.


  • i remember him! he was the dreamy one. and he had that dumb reality show. isn’t he on tour with someone? ryan cabrera or allie lohan or some tweenybopper hack? they’ve been engages for ages now, wonder who cheated.