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Hey Guess What? Lindsay Lohan Is Samantha Ronson’s Girlfriend!!! (And Vice-Versa!)

In case there was any lingering doubt in your mind that SamRo and LiLo are hot and heavy, Daisy Lowe — who is the girlfriend of Sam’s brother, Mark Ronson — cleared things up in a recent interview.

“Lindsay is really down to earth. Her and Sam make a lovely couple – they seem really happy,” she says. “Their relationship is totally genuine. And they’re just so sweet together. Mark totally approves. But we’re not going to double-date again – I mean, would you go on a date with your brother?”

While I totally respect Lindsay’s right to keep her private life private, I hope that one day she does feel comfortable coming forward and stating that she’s in a relationship with Samantha. As she’s been staying out of trouble lately, it would be a great opportunity for her to be a positive role model for all the girls who love girls out there.

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  • i think it was inconsiderate of her to “clear things up”, when the couple in question is obviously choosing not to let the world in on their private lives.

  • She’s be a better role model for young girls who love girls if she’d date a hot one. She’s basically dating a guy that wears the same stupid ass outfit everyday now. That chick needs to get rid of the hat and high tops… she looks retarded.

  • The only thing that bothers me in this pic is that Sammy doesn’t look like the happy man in the relationship. When a man, or bio female acting like a man, is in a happy relationship, he (she) will always be the one making the sexual advances and be the pursuer in the physcial contact. LIke look at the sienna photos with balzar. In all the pics he’s like nibbling on her breast or making some move that he has sex on the brain.

    Here, Sam looks a little lost and almost drugged, like she’s not in the moment and perhaps not very happy. I’m beginning to think that maybe SAm’s not getting everything she needs out of this relationship but is staying because Lindsay is happy.

  • Mercedes, if your need for lesbian porn isn’t being fulfilled here – don’t blame Lindsey & Samantha.

  • i agree with uhm.. fartface..
    “When a man, or bio female acting like a man, is in a happy relationship, he (she) will always be the one making the sexual advances and be the pursuer in the physcial contact.”
    i know on average men do think about sex more than women, but that doesnt mean we’re incapable of being the pursuer. that is just ridiculous. what are we, blow up dolls?

  • @ Fartface & silly

    no, seriously, I”m not saying that it’s not possible for women to be aggressive (hello, I’m a super aggressive girl) but just… well, look at any 2 people in a relationship and the person who wears the pants (p.s. silly, I didn’t say man necessarily just the person wearing the pants) will always be the one like looking at the other ones’ lips or giving a hint, even a very subtle one, about something sexual. It’s always there, you gotta see it. Like every one of Ellen’s and Portia’s pix have Ellen doing something sexual, even if it’s just the tiniest thing. Do your own research, look around at happy relationships and look at the leader of the relationship. Watch how they act, it’s really true.

  • i think it’s hilarious when people try to analyze body language through pictures, b/c a picture is nothing but a fleeting moment captured on film.

  • who gives a crap about this untalented, overly bronzed, leggings- wearing boozebag? god i am so fucking sick of this girl i coud scream.

  • Wow, really? Thanks captain obvious!

    Who cares who anyone screws…it really isn’t any concern of hers when they decide to confirm or ignore any of the things that people say. It is about being famous, something she has gained from hanging on…I am sure for somone like lindsay it is a full time job trying to dodge the people who want a piece of your stuff.

  • @ church lady
    yeah…however….I`m a little moist from the two `snorters`…… you know the little bit of vomit that rises to the back of your throat !…..ugh!!

  • I think it’s totally fucking ridiculous that people don’t think they’ve come out with their relationship. They are photographed together every day together, sometimes blowing kisses at each other and holding hands. What more do you dumbasses need? Do they have to come over to your house and knock on your door and eat each other out right in front of you? Is that confirmation enough for you? They are a couple. They aren’t hiding anything. They don’t need a fucking press release to confirm they are dating just because they are lesbians. God you people are so fucking thick!!