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Hooray for New Tori Amos Album!!!


Oh goodie goodie!

Tori Amos has released the cover art and the tracklist (seventeen songs — typical Tori!) for her upcoming album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin. I always get soooo excited for a new Tori album!

Plus, she’ll be performing some of her new songs at SXSW on March 19. I’m sure they’ll be hitting the ‘nets soon after, and I can’t wait to hear them!!!

The tracklist for the new album is after the jump.

1. ‘Give’
2. ‘Welcome to England’
3. ‘Strong Black Vine’
4. ‘Flavor’
5. ‘Not Dying Today’
6. ‘Maybe California’
7. ‘Curtain Call’
8. ‘Fire to Your Plain’
9. ‘Police Me’
10. ‘That Guy’
11. ‘Abnormally Attracted to Sin’
12. ‘500 Miles’
13. ‘Mary Jane’
14. ‘Starling’
15. ‘Fast Horse’
16. ‘Ophelia’
17. ‘Lady in Blue’

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  • Your love for Mizz T is equally matched with mine. My favorite song is Pancake –

    a change of course in
    our direction
    a dash of truth
    spread thinly
    like a flag
    on a popstar
    on a benzodiazapene

    I love it… Klonopin anyone?

    • Oh such a great line. From the album cover and the title, you know it’s going to be some great Tori stuff with a fresh sound, like she always does. I’m so happy I could squee.

  • Tori = My personal hero. If she recorded her bathroom trials I would buy the cd; that’s just how much I love her.

  • Hey Beet, You don’t have to look for the video after the concert. There’s a website called and they stream concerts online for free. Some of them are pay per view I think. But they’re gonna stream SXSW and you can watch it live on their website! It’s pretty awesome!