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Tori Amos Slams Lady Gaga, Respects Britney Spears

Tori Amos Pregnant Again? Performing at Radio City Music Hall Pictures Photos

Tori Amos doesn’t give interviews all that often, but when she does it’s always super-awesome.

This is what she told The Sun about Lady GaGa:

She’s what I call a meteor – singers who entertain people for a while. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. But then there are people like Neil Young who show up at Glastonbury 40 years into their career. And that’s a very different kind of artist. Neil Young doesn’t have to get his bum out on stage! The question is, will Lady GaGa be playing alongside Neil Young at Glastonbury in 20 years time? She wants to entertain people. Right now, half the world is depressed and they need to be entertained. So her timing’s perfect.

Oh SLAM! But this is really a giant dilemma for Perez Hilton. Whose side will he take? And, more importantly, are any of you reading his new site? It sure doesn’t seem like it …

Oh but Tori continues with her total awesomeness:

For me, the best thing that happened is that I didn’t have success like my father wanted me to when I was 14-years-old and I was playing clubs. Thank God it didn’t happen for me at that time. I probably wouldn’t be talking to you if it had. I think it’s really tough on teenagers when they have that kind of success. But you have to acknowledge Britney’s discipline right now – being a mum and being out on the road. When you do that year-in, year-out since you were a teenager, it can become overwhelming. … There’s a side to this industry that nurtures divas who can’t write. It’s a big business. I produce the records. I don’t hand over control to some really expensive producer who then talks to the record company and then tries to bend me to their will – for commercial purposes. But there are a lot of producers/co-writers who the only way they can make a living is if the divas are not producing themselves and not writing their songs.”

LOVE Tori! She’s made such a phenomenal career for herself using her out-of-this-world talents that she can sit around and talk smack about the industry and it’s totally cool. She’s earned it. Some people haven’t. (Are you reading this, Katie Heigl?)

Last thing: The above picture was taken at Radio City Music Hall on August 13. Not trying to be a bitch here, but is she pregnant again?

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  • I hate when artists talk shit about other artists. Even if she was Elvis fucking Presley she wouldn’t have the right to bring down someone else’s work. I believe there’s value in every kind of art. Lady Gaga’s art is entertainment, and she’s an expert at it.
    Tori should know better since she’s in this business for such a long time and respect other artists.

    • Well that is pretty much what she said, that Lady Gaga’s music is entertainment but that’s where it ends.

      And she’s right about Neil Young, he played here earlier this year and I was so surprised at how many people went to see him and younger people too (myself inculded) how many artists around now are still going to be around later on? Not many I’d bet.

  • The pregnancy thing was making rounds last month, so much in fact that Tori’s people put out a statement that she isn’t pregnant, nor does she plan to become pregnant. But it certainly looks like she’s preggers in some of the pics from this tour. But she’s had so many problems with pregnancies in the past, would she continue touring if she were?

  • Oh Monica, get off your high horse. I don’t think what Tori said actually qualifies as “talking shit”. She’s just stating the obvious. Lady GaGa will slip back into the obscurity that she came from. She doesn’t have the staying power of someone like Tori for instance. I think the statement you used that Tori should know better because she’s been in the business for a long time, doesn’t help your cause. If anything it backs up the fact that Tori CAN say whatever she wants BECAUSE she’s been in the business for 20 years AND has put out 10 albums, and you can bet your ass that IF Elvis were alive, he’d be talking all kinds of shit about music today.

  • Thats was not a slam or smack talk or even a digg or an insult as much as it were an observation riddled with truthieness. Mmmmkay? Mountains and mole hills and shit like that.

    • WTF do you think makes up a Lady Cock Cock audience? A bunch of tweener nuns? The mom jean brigade rocks out to Hermie and the Munsters?
      Jonas Brothers fans?

      No son, there are a whole shit ton of carpet munchin pussy lovers as well as ball licking taint ticklers at a Lady Cock Cock show.

      What are you retarded or something? I mean youre a Gag Gag fan you should know yourself by now.

    • > her only audience is dykes lol
      And, frat boys; don’t forget the frat boys, it’s practically her pedigree!

      P.S. and btw @ Gorkem
      I like Neil Young. In fact, I’m playing Southern Man right now (yeah, I just interrupted U2, just for authenticity ), and I hate to break it you, and Tori, but if Young and Gaga were to do anything in 20 years, it should definitely be in studio. Young has been around. Why not compare Tori to Denny? Or, Contrast! –since that’s more like the look Tori is going for, and that’s Sandy Denny ( “this train don’t pay no transportation” ) Oh, well, For What It’s Worth, that’s my two cents

  • Beet!!!! Yes, I love when youre back because we get Tori and Counting Crows updates …. I love yoU!

  • It’s a thin line on whether something is observation or insulting, even when someone has been the industry long enough to have seen the seedy underside. Does that give them carte blanche to put out their opinion on a specific artist as opposed to speaking in generalities? If they are willing to own their opinion and any response they receive from it, just like anyone expressing an opinion has to be willing to own up to their words. Take the heat or the praise, and it’s all perception anyway…some will agree with her while others don’t. Shrug.

    Tori is an established performer, did her time, has her own fans. Perhaps some of these current performers will achieve that (totally said with a straight face) and her longevity, some definitely, imo, will not. It’s all fickle.

    As to the insults to the sexuality of their fans and the demeaning terms some are using to describe them…grow.the.fuck.up, you insecure assholes.


    • I will have you know I have been an out and proud ball licking taint tickler since 84. My ass is not insecure, maybe a little loose but i will be fucking damned if you or anyone else tells me what I can and cant call myself.

      Lady Cock Cock wouldnt mind me saying so either so suck it sour puss.

      • You can call YOURSELF anything you wish, and if you wish to be a crude asshole that’s your choice, but what you did in your previous statement was attach the description you have of YOURSELF to others…THAT is what is wrong, imo.

        Go on with your badself…someone’s got to show you some love, even if it’s self-provided.


      • Jay, go fuck yourself buddy and stay the fuck out of my business. Whats your goddamn probelm?

        You a Lady Ga Ga fan? The you would know there are a group of guys at every show called Taint Ticklers. Its even on their shirts. They are local makeup artists she gives free tickets to in certain towns considered to be more “gay friendly”.

        Get a sense of humor you fucking square. Why so serious on a gossip site? whiney little bitch.

      • Actually, I think Ga Ga is vocally talented, a bit eccentric in her dress, but hey, whatever…I enjoy some of her stuff, and no, I’m not a humorless whiny (notice the missing “e”), bitch; I just think it’s demeaning to those that don’t choose to be regarded in crude terms for their sexuality. As to your own choices, yep, they are your own. Live it up, and if you’ve really been out since ’84, you either came out of the womb wearing a rainbow diaper or you are way too “seasoned” to get so up in arms. Don’t hurt yourself as you snap out a “oh, no, she d’n’t!”. It’s all good.

        I’m done!

        Think you can hold back the response?

  • i love tori – i’ve seen her twice and both times she was great: a talented musician with a lovely voice who writes complex, interesting songs. i’ve heard one song by lady ga ga and have no desire to hear any more.

  • I think you guys have pretty much said it all on this topic, and although I do agree that lady gaga is more of an entertainer than a singer, I don’t think that means she won’t be around years from now (as much as I’d love that ’cause I really dislike her). Look at Madonna of all people… So, who’s to say…

    But what REALLY got to me about this post is BEET WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU POSTING LINKS TO THAT DOUCHEBAG’S WEBSITE?!?!?????

  • I do think she’s pregnant. I spent a good bit of time yesterday researching on the internet and I found a blog where someone who had attended a concert earlier this month (in mid-August) said the following:

    # Allison Says:
    August 10th, 2009 at 1:46 pm

    Trent – she patted her belly and said “I’m due in three.” right before she started a tune… and everyone cheered. I don’t know if she was joking, but she sounded pretty serious about it.

  • Tori who? She is irrelevant so she has no right to talk smack about others. Sure, her 12 fans will agree with her but most don’t even know she exists! She is in need of a Midol and perhaps makeup remover.

    A failed career must suck. =(

    • You must be joking, right? I’m not really a Tori fan any longer, but I do suggest you read a little more before you open your mouth (you sound a little ignorant on this matter). Tell her to take a midol, I can see some humor in that, but you’re making yourself seem silly when you talk about a failed music career. I think if you asked anyone in the music industry, the talent and success of this woman is undeniable. She’s a certified musical genius whether you personally like her music or not. I find your comments to be as ridiculous as when people say that Mariah can’t sing. Speak to the facts…You may hate everything about Mariah, but I don’t think anyone can say that this woman can’t sing. She may be the most gifted vocalist we have available in the modern day. All of this is really hogwash, but I really disagree with low and base comments that have no fact behind them. What it comes down to is…you don’t like the way someone performs, or writes, or sings, or acts? Get out there and do better, because you clearly don’t know what it takes for a person to get up in front of people and throw yourself out there and wait for the response. We’re all scared of being judged, but some rare number among us have the guts to stand in the fire and take it all for the chance to be heard. OK, rant over…just love more and be more thoughtful. It’s the only way to advance.

  • It was hardly a bad slamming! She just said longevity of an artist should be respected more than someone who has only just found fame and only been around a short while.
    Although Lady Gaga has played clubs for years her big success has still only just come easily to her because she had the right back up and an audience that needed something that felt new and so until she has overcome some real hardships which will inevitably happen in this industry and maybe even in her personal life she can’t necessarily be guaranteed a career (as good as shes got right now) in 20 years time! Despite the messed up life that Britney has had recently, Britney has been around for ages and is still selling out tours, with Gaga we have to wait and see!! I think thats all Tori was saying…lol! People are getting so angry about this……Tori has been around for ages and I think she has earnt the right to pass judement on some areas of the music industry!! :) Its her opinion, you can have a different opinion, but don’t go crazy over it…move on! x

  • Tori has been releasing records since the 80’s, do you really think lady gaga will be around for that long?She is very talented, a great live performer and she actually cares about the fans, whereas lady gaga probably didn’t even sing on her own record.And tbh, the music industry nowadays is shit.Shes right when she says Lady gaga i just entertainment, as there is really anything behind the music, it’s just something to dance to

  • Tori is a well established independent artist who not only survived being ousted by a music business that wanted to take her songs and change them, she is a millionairess. That is not a failed career. The woman has a buttload of natural talent backed up by 40+ years of talent. She paved the way for someone like Gaga by making the piano an accepted and now POPULAR pop instrument, and also by maintaining control of her art. All she is saying is “we’ll see in time” and that is more than a fair statement considering how many one-hit wonders we’ve seen in the pop industry. I like a couple of Lady Gaga’s songs and I even liked some of her interview on Oprah. I get some of what she is saying, but at the same time I don’t like the image she is presenting to teenage girls at all!. Sex, money, fame– no substance at all. As for style all I see is a mixed up mash of all the other famous musical female artists who have come before her: Madonna, Tori, Bjork. Her weird dresses aren’t any more shocking than some of Imogen Heap’s or Cyndi Lauper’s, and in fact you can find the same type bubble dress on Leona Lewis long before Gaga did it (Google it, I dare you.). So yes, she’s entertaining and shocking but that tends to fizzle after a while unless you are a real artist who continues to reinvent herself. Lady Gaga by all appearances, is good at garnering the best of all the artists AROUND her, and packaging it up well in a time when people are indeed tired and dreary in recession. Lady Gaga will have to learn some humility and real talent eventually if she is to thrive for years in the music industry.

  • I have been a tori fan since the mid 90’s….but I have to say, the one thing that bugs me is that she rarely gives props to other female artists. I don’t know what’s up with that. And the funny thing is that in the case of lady gaga, they actually have enough in common. LG started playing the piano and writing her own songs at a young age; she also played gay bars like Tori and got a big following that way. She might not produce all of her own songs but she certainly writes a lot of them, doesn’t lip synch, etc. She’s an artist in her own write, and with a vision for music, fashion, entertainment, etc. that simply goes bigger and beyond what Tori delivers (for better or for worse). Tori can’t call her just a “meteor” at this point…you can only do that when time has passed and you look back and say, “remember that Lady Gaga…whatever happened to her??” And if I had to judge LG thus far on what she’s delivered– two incredible pop albums, provocative videos, great tv and live shows…I’d say she has the will and drive to be around for the long haul, and I hope she is.

    • You can’t deny that Lady Gaga is burning bright, but she is burning fast…really fast. From what I inferred from the article, Tori wasn’t really “slamming” Lady Gaga. She was just being an observer. The same thing happened when she made a comment about Madonna more than a decade ago. She said that Madge wasn’t treated well in the public eye and that she needed a mother figure (which was true.) Tori even said that she’d make Madge a “plate of spaghetti.”

      These were all observations partnered with opinions, but in no way should be seen as insults.

      I’m sure Tori has praised other female artists such as Alanis, Joni, and Kate. (Sarah and Jewel were mentioned in many of her live improvs, but they probably weren’t praises.)

      OK going back to Lady Gaga: She does seem like she’s burning brightly but quickly. I do admit that her songs are VERY catchy. Time will only tell I guess.

  • Im not a fan of Gaga although some of her stuff is ok, however its worth considering 25 years ago people said exactly the same about Madonna

    • Well Madonna was just starting and if you actually look at Madonna, Madonna was actually original..she did things that were truly taboo. plus Madonna is a better entertainer all around, better songs, better stage presence, better dance moves, even the shock antics actually had a meaning behind it. Lady gaga just copy and pasted whatever Madonna did 20 years ago..only Madonna did it better and back when it was actually daring. there’s a big difference between Madonna quality and Gaga’s reductive quality

  • Tori Amos is a real artist and knows very well who to respect or not.. Britney is a legendary pop queen whereas gaga is a just-image newcomer.. Tori has a vision to see that

  • How condescending… but then again, this is Tori Amos, so what can you expect? Woman’s so up-herself it’s unbelievable. She obviously imagines herself to be in the Neil Young camp, even though she hasn’t produced an album worth listening to in over a DECADE; and even her “good” work in the ’90s was self-involved, self-indulgent, pretentious New Age claptrap.

    Anyway, everyone said the same thing about Madonna, Cher, and Cyndi Lauper, I’m sure. Tori Amos doesn’t have a crystal ball when it comes to Lady Gaga or anything else – even if she does like to pretend that she’s channeling the cosmos through her music for us poor mere mortals.

    • Oh wow Jenny. If only you realized how stupid you sound right now. Honestly, do you even have any idea who you are talking about? Tori Amos has not only been around LONGER than Lady Gaga, but has also surpassed her in every way. I like Lady Gaga just fine but I believe she is catering to sluts like you. Thanks!

    • Tori Amos was right, nobody said the same thing about Cyndi Lauper or Cher. actually Cyndi was favorite to last. in no way is Lady Gaga similar to Madonna besides the fact that lady gaga’s career is a little girl playing Madonna dress up. this is why her career has been on decline after 2010 and now she’s faded.

  • Tori’s ego has been out of check for quite some time. She needs to go burn a piano or throw sum lucky audience members out of a concert!

  • And Tori was Right, Fast forward 5 years and Lady Gaga is OVER…trying to copy Madonna could only last for so long.