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Good Job, Kirsten!

Kirsten Dunst Drunk and Smoking Cigarette Pictures Photos

A year after her stint at Cirque Lodge, Kirsten Dunst was spotted stumbling wasted out of The Roosevelt after throwing back double vodkas all night. It’s one of several times she’s been out drinking at high-profile LA bars since her rehab stay.

I think the Cirque Lodge needs to add a class to its rehab curriculum. In fact, I think they should add it to the weekly activities at Promises and Wonderland as well. The class should be called How to Have a Giant Relapse Quietly. I will teach it. I will arrive with a map of Los Angeles and New York City, and I will mark with big X’s the bars to which you should not go for your giant relapse. They will include places like The Roosevelt, 1Oak and generally anything within the Thirty-Mile Zone and the borough of Manhattan. If you need to get off-your-face wasted in a bar, do it in Burbank, people. You’re for sure gonna get busted if you’re doing it on Hollywood Boulevard.

Also today in relapse: Sean Stewart, whose return to alcohol has reportedly gotten him dropped by his publicist and manager. (Sean Stewart had a manager?)

And lastly today in relapse, I downloaded Eminem’s Relapse and I really like it, but damn he’s brutal. There’s a fucking Heath Ledger call in there. Hey have I mentioned recently that Eminem’s Mariah diss track is my favorite song of the year?

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  • Eminem is <3 . His album is amazing. Lyrically, maybe not the presentation so much, but the lyrics were amazing. I cant wait for Relapse II

  • You look awful. Why do stuff that are just going to hurt you and your career. Grow up and don’t be influenced by your so called friends that just want to party. Too many of them end up dead or wish that they were dead. Will be keeping you in my prayers. I liked the movies you were in when you were younger.