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Ohhhhhhh Shit: Eminem STRIKES BACK at Mariah

Damn, I gotta admit this is a super-hot track. Probably the most awesome diss track I’ve ever heard. In fairness, Mariah started it, with her “Obsessed” song and the video that clearly targeted Em. But Eminem is following suit, with a full-length diss track called “The Warning.” He talks some serious smack about Mariah — calling her a whore, a liar and an alcoholic — and threatens to release naked photos of her if she denies anything he says in the track. To cap it all off, he samples some Mariah shit off what I think is a studio session they did together. Oh, and he calls Nick Cannon a “faggot.” Lovely, just lovely. Seriously, though, love him or hate him — you gotta admit Em’s a genius. This is a truly brilliant diss track.

Remind me never to date a rapper.

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  • I’ve been waiting for a couple hours to see your thoughts on the track (because I imagine you as a huge rap critic??)! Mariah should of thought who she was going against – he’s a master lyricist.

    • LOL LOL LOL This is just too hysterical. Of course…whats a girl to do? She tried, but alas…she is just a girl. I think ‘Em stomped out M. Poppins (seriously…LOL) temper tantrm. I would really be surprised if she responds to “The Warning”. Possibly may be foolish if she does. LOL Why is this sooooo funny.

    • the whole entire world can tell that you love yourself some Mariah… like no one cares about EM… and if you research record sales it shows… Mariah has had more # 1’s than any other artist

  • This is the gayest rap battle EVER!!! biggie and tupac must be rolling in their graves.

      • wat ever mariah can go suck eggs em just killed her in that track and she should have never have tried to deny anything he said in the first place.Also you know she has to have a lotta of balls os she is just stupid to try and go after em aka the king of the diss practically. He made dissing an art…

  • Em is the sh**. Mariah needs to give up while she can. Should have known better than to start anything with a REAL ARTIST!!! Mid-life crisis c**t!

  • Well what you said isnt true though because Eminem did start this fight with his song “Bagpipes from Baghdad.” Then Mariah came out with the song “Obsessed” and now this song is a reply. I must admit though this is a crazy diss track.

    • But Mariah really started it by publicly denying she was with him, even though the paps took pics of them together. I don’t think Em would have even made the “Bagpipes from Baghdad” if she didn’t publicly comment on him.

  • what the hell did she expect when she hooked up with him?

    OF COURSE he will spill it. this track is beautiful!

  • You really don’t want to have a very public fight with someone like Enimen who has nothing to lose, Mariah is a self obsessed person with little or no sense of humor, so she’s an easy target. It doesn’t help that she married a man who is essentially her purse holder and not an alpha male at all, it’s just so easy. She should have walked away – she had to know he’d kick hard when he was pushed. Men who hate women will always go for the jugular and he did, and he will again and again. Quit while you are ahead, and still can go out in public – he is the guy who will put out nude piccy’s and not think a thing about it.

  • I luvs me some Eminem!!! But I almost feel sorry for Mariah and Nick, they are in so over their heads here.

  • oh Mariah
    this is getting really ugly
    what on earth posessed her to sleep with Eminem
    what was she thinking?????

    He’s such a douche!
    Does he really have to be this nasty

      • i agree with you i woulda done the same thing and wouldnt of thought twice about it. eminem is the sexyest man walking!!!!!!

    • He is not a douche mariah should’ve known better that to try and diss someone who practically dissed his own mama. he’s not a douche he just kinda..crazy lol

  • Thats AMAZING!!! I love it! :)

    What a legend! He’s been out of his game for a while now but that made me like him again! Couldn’t stand all the usual celeb-mocking (its over-done by him n i felt he needed some new material) but THAT was ace! New material FOUND! Well done Mariah for being an idiot-diva! Hehe! That made me chuckle! :)

  • I’m betting we hear a “we don’t want to fight” from Mariah and Nick…but it would get pretty awesome; uhhh, he was pretty detailed in this rhymes too. love the diss

  • OMG! He totally is not afraid to embarrass himself. Loved the whole. “you got me so hot I came on your tummy and freaked you out” crap! I had a guy do that once when we were making out in college…and I was totally grossed out, too! We were fully dressed, I never touched his dick, and all of a sudden I felt this goo on my shirt/stomach…I was like, damn boy, I mean Sir Speedy, if you cum that quick without me touching you, you don’t really have anything to offer me!!!!!

  • Well, if that doesn’t up Mariah’s album/single sales, I don’t know what will.

    I wanted to comment on some of the lyrics–the one where he calls her an alcoholic. I’ve heard this a few times over the years. Wonder if that is why her voice has gone to complete shit when she’s singing live. I used to just love listening to her sing. Now? Not so much. It’s painful. Granted, still better than I ever could do. But I’m not known for my powerful pipes, either.

    • you have obviously never seen her perform live. my voice has been trained for years and I will never be able to match her octaves. i hope more women who read this site-STOP- and listen to what this idiot is really saying in his lyrics. he is a hater of women and his lyrics are dangerous. poor guy. he needs therapy. it’s funny that a pill popping piece of white trash like eminem can have the audacity to comment on a woman who likes to get her drink on now and them. eminem is angry…angry because he is a homosexual and he just can’t admit it!

      • umm i am a woman and im still on em side. Mariah is a self abosrb diva and she had that coming. and em is not a woman hater he just hates stupid women. I mean look at how he treats his daughters do you think thats gona change when the turn a certain age and officially become women? no i dont think so at least not in my opinion. and that white piece of trash probably makes more in a year than you would in ur life time and if that still makes him trash i would b mrs trash in a quick second if it could happen

  • That was intense! He is an amazing lyricist, that’s for sure.
    I remember when he dissed Christina Aguilera in his “The Real Slim Shady” song because of how she said she thinks he’s cute, and talked about Kim, or whatever he got all butt hurt about. ONE little thing like that sets this guy off. Perhaps he should try anger management? Heh.

  • This is the em I know and love. Hardcore dissing, none of the stupid pop record sale type stuff… just em being em..

  • You really think it started with Bagpipes from Baghdad? Or Obsessed?

    This feud goes way back to 2002 and there have been songs about it before those two and this newest one, which, PS= AMAZING. God it’s good to hear just why Eminem was Dre’s prodigy. He’s fabulous.

    Clown and Superman were supposedly about each other too. Not to mention the fact that since 2002, they’ve been going back and forth, her denying and saying he’s pathetic and wishes and him getting pissed about her dishonesty. Bla bla.

  • I wanna hear these phone calls he’s talking about..and oh my god…what’s that part about trying to stick two CD’s in the same slot? Is that a reference to an attempted double team with someone named Luis?

  • How can you call someone that uses a gay slur a genius?!?! That makes no sense considering your opinions on prop 8. Its funny how peoples opinions change depending on what giant tool is doing the hating….

    • Fags are free game when it comes to rappers, don’t you know that? The only reason straights fight for prop 8 is so they look all p.c. and shit. In reality, they don’t give a fuck about gay rights and never have, it’s just a way to make their interior decorator feel like they’re trying to help the cause.

  • Eminem is the shxt! Mariah you just got pooped on.

    I hope Mariah runs her mouth come more…

  • I just have to say that I think that a guy who kisses and tells is a loser. Em is lucky that Mariah isnt the kind of woman that would really fuck him up like Lisa Left Eye Lopes. So that is why he is picking on her. Not that I will meet eminem or that I would ever touch him, not even to check if he was dead, but he would not start this bullshit with me. I would fuck him up. If any guy tried talking trash about me like that or putting my sex life in public he would lose his balls and it would be completely worth the jail time.

  • FUCKING BRILLIANT!!! hahahaha awesome, i ADORE eminem..

    Mariah must be shaking now.. She should have learned the lesson a long time ago… Dont fuck with rappers!..

    Too funny, i love it.


    • he picks on boys too you dumb piece of shit 9 out of 10 of his Beefs are men not women you dumbass Slim Shady lyrical genius that will shut anyone alive out no one can even try to touch him. No one esle can diss with facts while rhyming and telling a story fucking retard

      • you must be the one sucking his d***. when u get out of his *ss, make sure you sign up for anger management classes and take him with you. while you are at it; learn to construct sentences without the use of profanity and run a hot bath for your boy so that he can calm his nerves. your response is the perfect example of the idiots that listen to the dirt and hatred he spews. don’t be so angry little boy……smile….kisses…hugs….YOU MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE. i could never ever think of spewing anger towards a person with the disability of ignorance.

      • And your talking about anger management? You know, typing in all caps doesn’t make you awesome. Slim Shady, Eninem, Marshal Mathers, whatever, it obviously a lyrical genius, and that is because his own hate fills his lyrics. Lets be honest, being hypocritical is not helping your image in my head right now. Probably your some fatass man/woman talking shit.

      • Look up the word genius in the dictionary chaseter. Learn to spell words as easy as “you’re” before you go on a tirade about what evokes lyrical genius. Taking four letter hate filled words and ryhming them with nonsense is a joke. What is genius about that? When you say that G is probably some fatass man or woman; are we talking as fat as eminem got while he was on pain killers? Hmmm….makes me wonder why jokesters like you think it hurts to call somebody fat.

    • Em is a badass he’s not whitetrash just because he’s good and someone is pissed cuz he’s better than that dumb bitch he is simply ah-mazing and there is no way she can beat him she shouldn’t have spread her legs if she didn’t want people knowin

  • Em is a fucking major fuctard. He did start it. He talks shit about anybody who is different than him.
    Mariah can out perfom that weasel any day. She is a great singer. He is jealous, no one wants his stank ass. Such a poor loser, such a vicious racist.
    I wish someone would do a drive by on his dumb fucking ass.

    • How the fuck is Eminem Racist?

      look Eminem wins there is nothing Mariah Carey can say or do
      for all we know they were in love or some shit and it’s easier to hate than just be friends

      i’m pretty drunk by the way

      see i changed subjects:L

      who’s got the best weed they can maybe sell me?
      naw i’m good, for a while

  • “This is what the fuck I do.” Fantastic.

    I cannot stop listening to this, even if it is a misogynistic rant.

  • I think it’s brilliant, just because it’s really entertaining. He’s a great lyricist (keeping in mind he IS a rap artist), he’s never afraid to speak his mind, and he does what he does without giving a fuck what the rest of you think. Eminem is balls out, all the time. Kudos to him.

  • simply patheticcc… and she totally did NOT start it. yeah, sure, she denied dating him, if that’s “starting it”. but musically, he started it. i don’t doubt that they did have a sexual relationship… but making tracks like this just makes it SO obvious that he is, as Mariah puts it, “obsessed”.

    homies almost 40, going downhill!

  • hes a pussy becuz in the first place y did he have to telll that he had sex wit mariah if he did i jus makes him look pathetic

  • 2 cds’s in the same slot…double team..gang bang…double penetration……she was down with it

  • This is great he’s a badass she’s dumb for putting out obsessed he is gunna fuck her world over it’s great he’s ah- mazing I hope this goes on it’s so funny em is like a fuckin god when it comes to rappin Idc what anyone says


  • Em is the best and f*%^ the rest!
    I belive in any word he say. Why would he lie? She’s got all the reasons to deny it! But him? What would he care?
    He’s the best rapper there is. No other can even come close – no matter white, black or yellow. He’s rymes are timeless.
    And you F&*^ haters can eat Sh^&^t!

  • this song is amazing
    and serves mariah carey right for being a self-obsessed slag
    she shouldn’t have denied anything.. stupid bitch :)

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