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New Tori Track Leaked!!!!


Ohhhhhhh it’s finally beginning!!!!

We’ve got the first track leak from the new Tori album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin. The track is called “Welcome to England,” and you can hear it here.

I’m am not a particularly unbiased opinion, but I looooove it. Tori can do NO WRONG in my book. I can’t wait for the full album. I LOVE YOU, TORI!!!

Tori’s playing SXSW on Thursday, and she’s gonna do new material, so hopefully we’ll hear even more songs from the new album then!!

Hat tip to popbytes

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  • I’ve been a passionate fan of hers for such a long time… After the failure (in my book) that was the vast majority of The Beekeeper (and of course that was the era when I was really old enough/well-versed in her work to want to see her tour, and that’s ALL she played) I was less than enthused about American Doll Posse and missed a lot of the buzz for that one. I wound up loving it, so now I’m back to eagerly counting down the days when tracks get leaked. I totally dig this one. I like that she isn’t going for some wacko concept thing. My best friend and I have our own theory about why American Doll Posse exists as a concept album at all. It has to do with overprocessed, overdyed red hair, and desperately needing an excuse to wear wigs for an entire tour…

    Anyway, I’m really glad that she went sorta indie/changed labels/whatever it was she wound up doing for this one, because it’s done her music good. :)

  • Oh. My.
    I will now set this to repeat and listen to it for the next week.
    HOW is it I have never heard of Tori Amos before?

    I have been enlightened.

    • emmmmm, you should check out “under the pink” and “little earthquakes.” the 2 best tori albums, IMHO!

  • Yay! This reminds me of her Choirgirl Hotel era stuff – I love it! I wish some girl hadn’t borrowed that CD from me and never returned it.

    • EXACTLY!! I was thinking the same thing… I’ve been a long time Tori Amos fan and have every single one of her albums but my favorite BY FAR was Choirgirl Hotel and I’m so excited she’s going back to that style!

    • Oh my sweet Tori!!! I love you!!! I was really having a shitty day and then all of that changed after I heard the leaked track. I am a long, long time fan and, i can shamelessly say, her auditory whore.

  • I hate to disagree, but I’m going to. It’s really not that great of a song. She headed back to Beekeeper territory. I can say this because unlike a lot of people I can love Tori and still be objective. Like I have been the last 14 years that I’ve been an enormous fan. Oh and p.s. It wasn’t leaked, they played in on a radio station in Austin that Tori will be doing a performance at during their lunch show on Friday, March 20.