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Christina Ricci Engaged!


Word on the street is that Christina Ricci just got engaged to her comedian boyfriend, Owen Benjamin, although her reps haven’t confirmed it yet.

Christina was apparently out doing some drinking to celebrate this weekend — and, if you read between the lines of Ted Casablanca’s column, probably putting some party favors up her nose. I am of course referring to, uh, nose rings.

Our source was partying at the Palihouse in West Hollywood last Saturday night with his pals next door to the Ricci/Benjamin bash. He briefly spoke to Owen himself, who confirmed it was his engagement party, while Ricci and the couple’s cohorts were in the room engaging in all types of typical late-night H-wood hotel room behavior.

Our source lost an amigo at his shindig, and called the dude’s phone looking for him. Looks like somebody snuck into the wrong fete, since it was Christina Ricci who answered on the other line!

Acting out-of-it from indulging in silliness more appropriate for a bachelorette party, not an engagement soiree, CR started screaming she would “call the f—-cking cops” if our source kept calling her—even ‘tho it wasn’t her phone! Who knew such feisty things came in tiny packages?

Congrats to Owen and Christina! Good luck with this, kids.

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