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American Idol Results Fixed??? NO WAY!!!


I’m sorry if this post doesn’t make a lot of sense, I’m way too busy listening to the new Tori Amos track to pay attention to anything else, but apparently some chick staffer over on AI is running around telling every paper who’ll listen that the Top 4 for AmIdol have already been chosen by producers:

The female “AI” worker told a “group of people that the last four are going to be Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Adam Lambert and Alexis Grace,” said our insider. Asked if this was opinion or actual fact, the staffer vehemently retorted, “Those ARE the people,” saying it wasn’t mere speculation.

If it was just her prediction, she’d be spot-on with this week’s TV Guide, which also chose those exact four wanna-be crooners as its picks for stardom.

But the lass took it a step further, claiming that higher-ups at the hit Fox show were taking an issue with two of the top contenders.

“Adam Lambert and Lil Rounds are better singers and musicians than Gokey and Grace, but they’re too much like past winners and ‘A’ successes,” the woman said. “Adam’s too close in style and sound to Chris Daughtry, while Lil Rounds is a dead ringer for Fantasia. Even their background stories are similar!

“The producers really want it to be Danny or Alexis. They think they’re very commercially viable, have a good image and a great story.”

Now, listen, it wouldn’t be like some huge coup if those people were the final four. They’re already easily the front-runners, but I take serious issue with the statement that my gay-man-crush Adam Lambert is even a little bit like Chris Daughtry. OMG they are soooo different. I was never into Chris. But ooooh my sweet Adam. I love it when he’s on stage. My little heart just goes all a-flutter. Plus, I think we’re all counting Allison Iraheta out a little too soon. That girl’s got chops and stage presence, and I think she has a chance to beat out Alexis and Lil as our female front-runner in the end. No one paid any attention to Jordin Sparks at the beginning, either.

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  • Hey now..*I* paid attention to Jordin Sparks since her first amazing audition. I voted for her every week =] So talented!

  • I LOVE Adam, and judging from tonight;’s performance’s if ALEXIS DOESN’T go home, then I agree it’s rigged. She sucked to be quite honest.

  • I hope that nobody votes for Adam Lambert after tonight…Adam is self-indulgent and needs proactive for his face STAT…Cash should rise from the dead just to beat the crap out of Adam for ruining the song…

  • Adam is the worst thing on Idol this year; that screeching, overacting, oversinging is not “now”, is not “current”… who sings like that except some freak in a drag club; which he has videos all over youtube… I didn’t mind Alexis this week, thought was ok… Danny was good and the last guy, Matt was awesome… Lil Rounds will be gone soon; she is so karaoke, bad, bad, bad.

  • woah. Adam Lambert is going to have hell to pay for that horrendous murdering of Ring of Fire. I’m not usually one to say “Don’t mess with the original blah blah blah”, but that was awful, just AWFUL!! I feel like he will lose a lot of supporters because of that, I know he has lost me. Johnny Cash is tossing in his grave right now. Adam’s version of Ring of Fire was nasty, overly sexualized, weird, and disrespectful to country music. It was Grand Ole Opry week, not strip club week! He grosses me out.
    Adam thinks he is just so **fabulous**, and that kind of cockiness never wins on American Idol. Even Kelly Clarkson was humble after she hit that high note in her rendition of “Natural Woman”. The only reason people think Adam has this amazing range is because he is willing to go for notes that no straight man will because its too feminine. Adam’s range ain’t really that special. DON”T VOTE FOR ADAM!

  • I’m not a fan of Adam at all. I enjoyed all of Simons comments this evening. I’m a HUGE Anoop fan! Where is the love for NoopDawg. I want the boring guy that is married to go home, I forget his name, what he looks like and what he sings already.

  • Adam is by far the most original and talented ARTIST on the show – although his ‘ring of fire’ rendition was nothing close to country other than the song’s origins – it shows his true artistic abilities. Much like David Cook’s ‘billy jean’ last year. I suppose you love it or hate it, and I am a big country and western music fan, but I thought it was hot.

    His stage performances could be seen as ‘over-the-top’ considering he is somewhat of an amateur, but I have no doubt he has what it takes to be huge with the right song writers.

    • I agree Tracy.. Adam is the most talented kid on the show…he is in a whole other league above the rest, and nobody else is even close. Though I liked his version of Ring of Fire, indeed it was country music week, and that was about as far from country sounding as it could be. But he is artistic, and really made it his own.. I just wish it was not that Johnny Cash song…
      Michael Sarver should have got the boot tonight, NOT Alexis.. She is 10 times the singer that Sarver is, and no way should she have gone home. She reminds me of a young Dolly Parton. Chris has a great voice, but is way too boring… Allison just absolutely Rocks, though she does not have the range that Adam does. Anoop has a good voice too, but again, too boring. Matt Girauo is going to make it big.. That guy can play, and he can sing. As far as Megan, I just love her, but I dont think she will be around much longer. She is definitely original, but every song she sings sounds the same.. she needs to mix it up… but the voice is definitely original.
      Dokey will also make it big, and possibly win the show, if he chooses the right songs. Scott has alot of talent on the piano, but limited on the vocals.. I think he can still make records though.

      • Wow you obviously know nothing about singing talent… Adam is in a whole other league alright, but it’s far far below the rest. My dog could’ve sang a better version of Ring of Fire then Adam lol. That was just disgraceful to a great country legend like Johnny Cash.

        I just love it when some idiot takes a wonderful song, drags it through a pile of crap and then people say “He made it his own” lol.

        Yeah he made it his own. And “his own” is absolutely horrible. let’s hope Adam leaves the real singing to the real singers and he goes back to work at McDonalds.

      • Well, it is apparent that you know absolutely nothing about the music industry, and cannot discern very well.
        Considering I am a sound mixer, and a music teacher at ASU, I tend to think that I have just abit more experience at discerning than you do. It also appears that you do not understand vocal ranges, stage presence, and pure natural talent.. And I tend to think Randy Jackson knows quite alot more than you do, considering he has been in the industry for many decades, and he gave Adam very very high props on each and every one of Adams performances.
        Talk to me when they are down to the final 4, and Adam is still there.
        As for your Dog, maybe you should stick to judging dogs, you seem to be better at that.

      • Actually, Adam has been working in musical theatre on Broadway and in Los Angeles for years professionally.

  • On a plane trip from Atlanta to LA last year just before the last season’s Idol, I listened to two conversations from two young men. One of them claimed in a “hushed” voice that the Idol winner was always predetermined as well as several of the finalist. He stated that he would be a finalist but knew he would not be the winner based on the date he was requested to “report” to the secret Idol pad that the future finalist lived until the show was over.

    According to this young man, the producers spend a tremendous amount of money on possible Idol finalist and winners and the select few are chosen in advanced based on their abilities in the months before the show airs. The casting calls are more for entertainment than actual talent hunting though that does happen. He said many things that made me believe he was either telling the truth or the most elaborate story teller I have ever heard.

    I really don’t care as I don’t watch the show anyway. It did help make a very long flight a little easier to bare.

  • Adam sounds nothing like Chris! That’s completely inaccurate. And Danny is awesome, so is Lil Rounds but the other two are meh. This better not be true.

  • I quit watching years ago becuase it was obvious by some of the decisions that it wasn’t quite honest. When good singers leave and rotten ones stay you know something’s up

  • Definitely with you on this.. Adam is HIS OWN.. not like any other. I love love love him! And last night he ROCKED! I was so happy Randy brought up the fact that he could see NIN doing that song. Thats exactly what I was thinking.. Hard Core.. way to go. Im with you too on Allison! Danny was horrid last night from his dress code to his singing. blech I say.. blech. And the chick who screwed up Jolen……..bahhh that was my fav Dolly song ever. ;( Randy Travis is right Dolly was probably crying after that!

  • I too think that Adam is the front runner from his vocals to the stage presence. Allison is my front runner for girls. Her stage performance night after night is better then any of the others. I’m sorry that Danny had a wife that died, but I am so sick and tired of hearing about it all the time. He can sing, but not nearly as well as Adam. Not putting Allison in the top 4 is a mistake though… she can sing Alexis right off the show! Just wait and see.

  • i kinda likes adam’s rendition of ring of fire. his eyes are mesmerizing! and yo…allison’s gotta make top 4. it is definitely rigged if she doesn’t!

    • Adam kept true to his music – I just think that Adam has it all going on!! He has a sophistication and aura that draws the crowd in. Who cares if he is Gay! Those eyes are gorgeous!!

      ‘Ring Of Fire’ – Adams version rocked – there is not another contestant that would come close to taking the risks that he does.

      How dare American Idol rig the Top 4 – Shame on them – ratings are likely to decline rapidly. Rightfully so.

      • Your right. No other contestand would come close to taking those risks because they aren’t risks at all. They are gauranteed to fail. Adam took a great song and made it as flamboyant as he possibly could so everyone would look at him and say “Wow I can’t believe he just did that.”

        He’s like a pathetic little boy looking for attention.

        Johnny Cash would puke if he heard how Adam raped one of his greatest hits.

        As far as I’m concerned Adam ate Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” waited a couple hours, and then expelled what was left on the American Idol stage. Let’s just say Adam should’ve brought a little plastic baggie up on stage with him that night so the next contestant didn’t have to step in it.

  • I voted for Adam — yes I did, and I don’t even particularly like that style of music. But I was totally mesmirized by his performance last night. Indulgent? So what? I thought it was awesome, and he looks to me like he’s a star already.

    Alexis and Lil were a little flat last night, but I think they can both do better and will. Anoop stepped up his game as well but needs to work on his looks. Is it just me, or does he still look too much like a computer geek? Maybe something with the hair… maybe thin out the eyebrows…

    Who was the first guy to perform? I think he may be the first to go home. Horrible song choice — it’s a singing competetion, not a memory contest… Even at that, I couldn’t say if he got all the words right or not. I couldn’t understand but about one in five.

    And OH MY GAAAAWWWDDD!!! I will be sooooo glad when Paula’s gone! She and Simon need to get a room or something…

  • News Flash! You didn’t vote for anyone. All you did was make Sprint or w/e phone company you have happy that you called. Just like in a presidential election your vote doesn’t count. All they want is millions of people to call on cell phones or w/e else they can so the phone companies/american idol producers can make money. It’s all about money and not one bit about the american people having a choice.

    What do you think they would do if everyone in America voted for the worst singer on stage out of pity for his/her background story or because they were “cute” or “homosexual” or w/e other reason that has nothing to do with talent…. They wouldn’t be giving him an album I can gaurantee you that. It’s bad business to let ignorant people make your business decisions, and american idol isn’t produced by bad businessmen. On the contrary, it’s produced by the best businessmen in hollywood atm. Not only do they make millions, but they actually have America believing that they are apart of the show.

    They know that 99% of Americans don’t have a clue about how to spot talent. I mean just take a look at you, you “voted for adam” lol. What a joke. Any real music producer will tell you that adam will make it nowhere with his pathetic attempt at being original. What Adam did was far from original. He’s just the same as all the other horrible artists that take “being original” way to far.

    Bob Dylan was original.
    Tom Petty was original.
    Ozzy Osbourne was original.
    Adam is a joke.

    Adams music/style is horrible. Thousands of musicians have tried the same thing. To be extremely flamboyant, or over-sexual, or just straight “out-there” with music that never sells a single album. The only difference is they get kicked out of the music producers office 5 minutes into the audition or directly after hearing the demo tape so you never hear about them. The first one you’ve ever seen on stage was Adam so you think “Wow he’s original.” Well I’ve heard thousands of demo-tapes just like Adams and they are all in the land-fill with no hopes of becoming a serious album. We actually laugh when we get a demo-tape that sounds like he sounded that night.

    Any real artist, writer, musician, or otherwise, will tell you and Adam that being original means being great without copying anyone else. What Adam did wasn’t only copying thousands of others that have tried the same exact thing, but it was absolutely horrid to hear, just like the thousands of people before him.

    And any music producer (I know many) will tell you that when they listen to an artist they don’t listen for what they (the producer themselves) like. They listen for what millions of people(customers) will like. America doesn’t do that when watching American Idol so they dont take America seriously. It’s all business.

    I know that you voted for Adam because you liked his performance that night. And that’s perfectly OK, that’s what your supposed to do in order for American Idol to make money. But I highly doubt you thought to yourself “I wonder if millions of Americans like how Adam sings.” “I wonder if Adam will sell millions of albums and make me millions of dollars.” These are the thoughts of real music producers and talent agents, and the thoughts of those that run American Idol.

    Go back and watch all the performances again. And ask yourself these questions, better yet, imagine that the winner of American Idol would be making YOU money with the albums he/she sells, and see if you’d still vote for Adam. If you would, don’t go into the music producing business. Stay in w/e office or job you work at now, and let American Idol producers decide who the real American Idol will be. They do anyway.

    I’m sure there are some (few) people, like yourself, that absolutely loved Adams music, but there just aren’t enough and probably never will be in our lifetime, unless our taste for music in this world drastically changes.

    I’m also sure that there are a lot of homosexuals that voted for him just because he’s a homosexual, and that has nothing to do with his music at all. American Idol producers know the same thing.

    America votes for who’s “cute” most of the time. If that was the way true artists were picked, Ozzy, Bob, and Tom Petty would all be working the drive through while Adam took the orders.

  • Adam has been working on Broadway and in musical theatre for years professionally. Considering that there are approximately 400 people for every open spot in an audition for professional musical theatre, and Adam has been working steadily in the field, the conclusion that he cannot sing is definitely inaccurate.

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